#yearofmaking update

I thought I would check in at 79 days into the #yearofmaking project…

These are a few highlights, you can browse my entire flickr set or search everyone’s posts through instagram with the tag #yearofmaking.


I’m amazed how inspired I’ve remained and how others posts help feed my creative drive. I find that taking a moment each day to acknowledge and celebrate something I’ve made, am making, am planning to make has done to motivate me to keep going even when it’s not the best of days (especially with This Winter).

I haven’t yet figured out how I’ll deal with pesach… I want to have 365 photos to look back on this year. I think I’ll probably photograph food early and then post it after? I’m not sure at all. I’m open to suggestions! (reminder: I’m shomer shabbos.)

year of making

Would you like to join me in celebrating a year of making? Inspired by the project Miriam Felton began last year and shared through instagram, I decided to join in and celebrate 365 days of making. Ok, I felt the peer pressure after many others indicated that they’d like to join in.

What counts as making? There are no hard rules!

All the traditional makings count: knitting, woodworking, painting, crocheting, sewing, cooking, baking…

I’m also including writing (preferably by hand, but if it’s computer-based, so be it) and coding.

You can following along with me on instagram where I’ll use the hashtag #yearofmaking. I’ll cross post to twitter and also add them to a flickr set.

Making is just a default setting for me, so why do this project? It’s nice to celebrate little things.

I made a wonderful soup this afternoon for lunch (Chestnut and Chickpea Soup) and I’m very thankful E could share it with me, even though I forgot to take a picture before we ate it all up. Don’t worry, I agree that if you want to remember something, don’t snap a photo.

Will you join me?