returned from TNNA

This past weekend I was at TNNA, The National NeedleArts Association Summer Trade Show in Indianapolis. It was an amazing show!

I was there to help my friend Riin of Happy Fuzzy Yarn in her booth.

I fell in love with a few of Riin’s 17 new colours, so I bought a package of three tranquil colours after the SampleIT event and then wound the yarn in my hotel room. Here is 435 yards of Corrie Sock (75% Superwash Corriedale wool/25% nylon) in new colour Tundra sleeping peacefully on my pillow (at least one of us had a full night’s sleep).


If your curious what this show is like and how it compares to a fiber festival, I suggest this post at Knitter’s Review. I am in awe of Clara’s ability to attend both shows!

I’m still sorting through my new connections and everything that came home with me, but here’s another preview of some of the generosity. Thank you to everyone for an amazing weekend!

of this and that

A quick post (hopefully) as everything has taken me much longer to do today and I’m terribly far behind on my writing and editing deadlines.

Crochet: I’ve decided I’d really like a new hat for pesach. I don’t really have enough yardage (or a colour I like) in the stash so today a $3 of Bernat Satin in Mocha followed me home and jumped onto a hook. I’m not sure it’s selection of my salmon pink H hook was right but I’ll let a few more rounds go before I jump in and intervene. Given time constraints I am not sure how smart this is, but since another pair of socks is misbehaving it might not be too bad.

handspun 20080330Spin: I still haven’t taken it off the spindle. To ply or not to ply is the current dilemma.

Stash: I am very very slowly owning up to the full contents of my stash. Constant grey gloomy skies make for terrible photography, especially with my poor skills. So please, as I add to flickr don’t think I bought all of it recently. I try to put the date in the description. I recently rediscovered my cache of Berocco Love-it for example…

Knit: On Sunday I bound off for the main portion of the dragon wrap, mostly as per my goal. I still have an extensive punch list before this can be blocked and sent off to it’s growing recipient but I’ve accomplished the big part. Immediately upon snipping the thread for the dragon wrap, I cast on for Anouk. After dusting C’s blanket I’ve come to terms with the fact that I’m not in a blanket mood. I’m knitting the 12mo size and hoping that C stays little like her mum and aunts. I’m stash busting so we’ll see how creative the pockets become, and when reality sets in and I remember that I have to knit both the front, AND the back. ;) Many many thanks to knitter-E for inspiring me to try an Anouk of my own. (ps a belated Happy Birthday! I’m a dork and forgot.) The simple socks are progressing as long as we ignore a little bit of oddness in one heel and that I am able to have a stern talking to them and successfully untangle the mess that occurred on the train this morning. It was so terrible that I didn’t knit on the way home. I outlined this post. I have another pesach deadline which may or may not involve this ball of yarn. I’ve had grand plans for it for a while. We’ll see what happens.

Dragon Wrap Progress Anouk progress, 20080406

cherry blossoms, sheep & yarn, trains, and a world to come…

It’s been a bit of time since I’ve fully updated with a “let’s blog about my life”. In this post PG will let me (PSG) write about last weekend, where E and I went (along with everyone else) to the Sakura Matsuri (Cherry Blossom Festival), this weekend’s adventures at Maryland’s Sheep and Wool Festival, the B & O Rail Road Museum, and my thoughts on Dara Horn’s amazing new novel, The World to Come. Oh and PG’s a bit upset. We left her home to babysit nibbler.

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too many choices!

all i can think about is the next yarns i want to buy (sock yarn, definitely sock yarn, it’s too hot for thick sweater wools) and knit or crochet and what books i’m going to read next (throne of jade, other sci-fi/fantasy, i should balance it out with some non-fiction, hmmm). do you think i’m addicted? any ideas how to turn this into a PAYing hobby instead of one that costs me large amount?

of course i should get through the current stashes first. :)