on favs, spelling, and socks!

A very very long time ago corrie wrote about her favourite websites and was curious what I would pick. While I spoke about various web tools I use, I didn’t specifically mention websites. So, without further ado…

(not really in top order…)

  • ok.. I’m cheating. There are actually 3 websites in this one. They are all NYC library/information institutions, and I turn to them often. From here I can pretty much get anywhere and anything.
    • NYPL has TONS of resources throughout their many pages. Since I have Cards (for both general circulating and the reference/research libraries), I have access to many electronic databases.
    • Same goes for my BPL.
    • My University Library (of which I have a hate-love relationship and am pretty cranky with right now) has amazing resources available. Additionally, if you visit the individual libraries websites, there are quite often links to wonderful subject research guides. I know many of the individuals who have written these, and they have done a nice job for them. (the bschool one is very well done and useful. Especially if you aren’t a b-school/econ person and have to puzzle out novel terms and concepts).
  • BoingBoing. It fits, which probably shouldn’t surprise you if you know me in real life. They’ve recently redesigned and added a separate gadgets blog. The podcasts are nice too.
  • Cute Overload. I read this via RSS, but had to “ignore” it for a while when both Cosette and Nibi died as it made me too sad. Overall though I smile greatly while reading.
  • I use NOAA for my weather forecasts. There are a ton of amazing things on there which I don’t even get close to hitting the surface of. Here is the current forecast for main campus of my Uni.

What are your favourite websites? Why? (you are not obligated to answer).

I can’t spell, this is a known fact. I can (when necessary) spell complicated things. I can’t spell many common words. I realized this morning that I misspelled (in flickr) E’s instant gratification socks. I wrote grandification. We won’t go into how many tries it took me to get that right. The new feature of firefox which underlines misspellings in (most) test fields is amazing for me. I know I often coin words (trafficated is my famous example) but that was some new weird creation that I didn’t mean. Anyway…. as a segue into socks…

I cast on yesterday morning for the second sock. E's almost instant gratification socks #2 It is amazing to me how fast this sock is knitting. the foot and leg are 42 stitches, I’m using 16″ Bryspuns, 3.25mm. By the time I got home tonight (without any excessive extra knitting time, and two extra hours at the office, maybe at most 10 minutes after I scarfed down lunch), I was done with half of the heel! Ok, I did the math, I had about 2.5 hours of knitting on Wednesday (yesterday), all but probably 10 minutes of that was commuting (the 10 minutes were for lunch). I made some more progress since 9ish when I got home (early) and hope to finish the heel before I fall asleep shortly (10:30) and set this post to autopublish after midnight. Thursday (tomorrow) I don’t have as much knitting commuting time, but we’ll see what happens.

I’m still really really tired, so all grammatical and spelling errors and just plain weird logic and sentence formation are because of this. If you’ve emailed me and not received a response, I’m getting there. If you’ve commented and I’ve not written you back, I’m getting there. If you really really need to ask me something and require a prompt answer, my suggestion is to find me and ask in person. If you bring coffee (after tomorrow morning) it will probably help. I hope tonight’s sleep will help. Additionally I’ve been doing a ton of research for Friday’s post, so I hope it comes together and am eager to see if I can pull it off with all my random lay-knowledge and information learning.

working for me, tech edition

Continuing with last week’s “topic” I will start you off with this.


Ok. While I think that a paper and pencil are often a very good tool, (along with my teeth and fingernails) there are many tools I use every day that are children of technology. So what am I using these days that work FOR me? These might not work for you. They work for me. It’s been lots of trial and error to get to this point. The tools are: Google Reader, Google Calendar, Remember the Milk, and Joe’s Goals, del.icio.us, my crackberry, ravelry, and the camera on my cell phone*.

Google Reader is how I read rss feeds. Pretty much if your site doesn’t have an RSS feed I probably won’t follow it regularly. There is so much out there and I parse through tons each day, I need help and Reader does this.

Google Calendar is my online calendaring app. I use it to see at a glance what’s going on. It’s also my backup copy of big stuff I have planned. I also like the pretty colours.

I’ve been using Remember the Milk frequently and love it. I’m still a procrastinator but not as much these days. Not sure why this app helps where others have failed but it’s good. I wish I could receive a daily email of “here’s what overdue, due today, and due tomorrow” or be able to send either an sms query or email to find out what is on different lists. Overall this app rocks.

Joe’s Goals is a new addition to my lineup, and I’ve taken some things out of RTM and migrated them into JG. It’s fun.

Del.icio.us manages my bookmarks. I float around computers and this is the easiest way for me to *organize* and share (mostly with myself) my bookmarks. Tags rule.

Crackberry is my old 7230 blackberry. Not as fancy as many of the newer ones, but it (mostly) works. Definitely beats schlepping my laptop around. I like that if I have to I can look stuff up. Also my crackberry has SMS and as I’m too cheap to add this to my current cell plan it’s very convenient. If you do need to SMS me in an emergency DO NOT HESITATE. It’s general chatter I don’t want to pay for.

Ravelry is “a place for knitters, crocheters, designers, spinners, and dyers to keep track of their yarn, tools and pattern information, and look to others for ideas and inspiration.” (from the website). I definitely look at my stash differently now. I do hope however I don’t screw it up royally. Since I picked up Itty-Bitty Nursery early and am so eager about it (despite not really having appropriate stash for the projects), I wanted to enter in the patterns so when everyone can buy it, things are just there waiting for them. Oops. It seems I’m doing things wrong, so now I have to go through and figure out how not to do that.

The camera on my cell phone is useful. I’ll take pictures of isbn’s of books if i can’t easily get to paper and pencil. It’s not the best camera phone out there but it’s better than what I had before. It’s nice to have a camera on you if you need it. Note that this list doesn’t include the phone portion of my gadget. I hate telephones.

Inspired by:
Tips and Tricks to Uncover What Works for You

Not at all packed. Very tired. Much to do.

random wednesdays (knitspin, tech, and sun)

1) E’s computer boots! We neglected an auxiliary power cable last night. HUGE relief everywhere.

2) I am currently binding off the first of my father-in-law’s socks. They are super stretchy and I hope he really does like them when I finish them in time for summer. ;)

3) I am happy when it is sunny.

4) Did you see Dave’s beautiful lace weight from his new journey wheel?… He and I have since been emailing (er, I’ve been spamming him and he’s been very kind and responded) and he pointed me to Abby’s wonderful youtube video on spindle spinning. I practiced for 5 minutes today. I’m not suddenly an awesome spinner but I think i grok drafting a bit better. Thank you!!

tools .. technology .. *sigh*

Am I ever unprepared to write this post. So I will do my favorite trick when I’m teaching and turn it over to you..

Question: Information Literacy Competency (also overlap/needs of information technology)… thoughts?

Note: I’ve really not done a lot of research on this topic but it’s been in the back of my head for about 7 or 8 years.. I’m not quite sure how I would go about it.. but (foresight?) a need for literacy in these topics is partially why I chose the undergraduate major I did.

I keep saying “regular posting will resume shortly” .. it will. Classes end next week. I am not currently planning summer courses. That just freed up no less than 12 hours a week (class attendance and commuting estimates).


samba 314159 : penny 1

You have NO idea how happy this makes me. Samba and I haven’t gotten along before — everything would be right but if *I* turned it on? Disaster. Anyone else? Success (with the same bloody command. even often within my login by hitting my command history.) which of course is pathetic and made me annoyed and frustrated for the past, oh, i don’t know.. 9½ years?

Huge happy dance.

** if you don’t understand any of that geek, just know I am happy right now. Which is difficult given everything else in the world right now. And I feel more than a little selfish ..
(there have been some edits to this post for clarification. last edit: 2:42p)