a spinning surprise

I’ve lamented for years that I never seem to find the wonderful thrift store or yard sale finds that others do. While I love my wheel and its story, I wanted to have That Find.

On Mother’s Day my mum couldn’t wait to take us into the garage to see “what she found for me”. She was helping clean out a friend’s house for several weeks …


I stood there with my jaw bouncing on the ground for a bit. Really? For real? Am I dreaming?

Shouldn’t I be giving her a gift? (Don’t worry, I did. I repaired a handbag she likes.)

I am in shock. This sort of thing happens to everyone else. It’s not a wheel I’d go out and purchase, but I vow to give her the love she deserves. I’m still trying to convince E she can go somewhere upstairs once I get her cleaned up.

If I had known, I would have gone out to help! (There was yarn too. I also acquired a very nice basket of some… kitchen cotton. Which is actually good. While it’s not colours I would choose for myself, I still need to write up and make a new sample of the woven/knit towel pattern and don’t actually have kitchen cotton in my stash!)

The wheel is patiently waiting for me to clean her up and tie the drive band*. While she waits, I introduced her to the bee. Yesterday they had a talk about the many differences and similarities in wheels. Then they had a lively debate about this wheel (and its double treadle sibling) that ysolda tweeted about the other day.


Overall she looks to be in good shape. While the finish is showing some age, the leather of the maidens and footman looks still to be okay. She only has one bobbin (I suspect along the way they were separated and since no one who was helping tidy up knew about wheels, they have not been reunited.)

I’m still waiting to hear back from my mum to learn more of the wheel’s story. She should be at least as old as I am (*cough*29*cough*).

My current understanding is she sat in the prior owner’s living room and was well used for many years.

No, I don’t know exactly who made her yet. There isn’t a signature or mark anywhere on the underside. There may be a mark at the hub/centre of the wheel but even my pencil rubbing didn’t seem to shed light on the maker. I thought she may be a leclerc, but after looking in my copy of Spinning and weaving with wool by Paula Simons (updated edition, © 1977) … I don’t think so. Close, but not quite.


Hopefully this will energize my spinning … that bee is still waiting for me to finish the singles and ply!

* The rope you see on the wheel “tying things together” most likely is the drive band. I’ve just not had time to untie it and figure out if it is and how to tie the the double belt yet.