spin: drafting

i know my drafting needs lots of work. i’ve been scouring the web all week reading up and practicing when i have a few spare seconds and watching any videos i can find. i wish i had something exciting to say or an insight to share. i just know that i need a good deal more practice. in the mean time, i’ll curl up in my electric blanket and try to keep warm. i should really get cracking on all those socks i said i’d knit. my feet are cold!

Some resources for drafting and random spinning sites that I’ve started to collect are:

I know I’m missing tons of links.. deal or speak up!
I know when I get a better hang of drafting it’ll go better. I stopped yo-yoing the spindle, so that’s a positive step. I just need to practice, maybe 5 minutes a day and I think I’ll be better off. Oh wait, I said that about exercising more. *sigh* I still have this fantasy that I’ll just get it all when I sit down at a wheel but as my fibre and fabric (yes, I haven’t told you about that have I?) stash have overtaken all my parts of the flat I guess I should wait. I’m still up for anyone in NYC offering me a sit at a wheel or some spindle lessons. Name your barter. We’ll work something out.

spinning sunday or not

Ok. Who wants to trade some spinning lessons with me? [photopress:spin14jan07.jpg,thumb,alignright]I’m soo not getting this and can’t justify to E the cost of The Yarn Tree’s lessons (not to mention I think they’ll be on a class night again). I have a slight hunch I’d do better with a wheel but I want to get some basics down before I attempt to justify to E the cost of a wheel (well, I did that, he shot me down with where would it go, which is a very very good question, we are totally out of space here). Anyway, I thought did fine with yarn, but put fibre there? Yikes. I even got out the big honking spindle today with some more yarn, and I was ok with that. I see spinning as the relaxing thing to do when I don’t want to count. I can’t count. That is why the beret is in time-out. Grr. It looks like a jr girl scout beanie (circa when I was a scout, so.. late 80’s). Anyway, let me know if you are interested and in the area. We’ll figure something out. I want to be fair, but I just don’t have that much cash to throw around right now.

What if I distracted you with some stitching? This is a tree from a wonderful book I picked up in Tokyo this summer. E didn’t get that it was a tree. Oy, my stitches were more even when I was 8 (and a Laura Ingalls Wilder addict). I’m planning on adding some more to it eventually. It isn’t quite the right fabric for stitching but what I had.

What if I distracted you with a blurry picture of Nibi? She’s really cute and makes us happy even if she’s quite spoiled and wants us to hand feed her while sitting next to a bowl (or a bag) full of food? (Please ignore the dirty house.)

Or what if I told you I balled up a bunch of yarn tonight, including (finally!!) Lavender Sheep’s yummy custom creation? I will finish E’s socks soon so I can work on two other pairs (one is a gift pair, and giftee may or may not read this site so you won’t see anything for now). PG was mad at me for not modeling her lately. I tried to explain it is because I take horrid pictures and my goal this year is to be better. Lighting is a big issue for us here at PG’s nest, but there isn’t much that can be done. It was quite grey today and all photos had to be taken under artificial yucky yellow light. Sorry!

I bought Sensational Knitted Socks last week using a Border’s Coupon and my holiday savings (Review tomorrow!!). It was thus even more affordable than the list price. I like this book and see why it has gotten wonderful reviews. I was looking for a Knitting on the Road or something but I think this will help me more right now. I just have to finish E’s socks (I’m halfway down the second leg). Grumble. Why did I say yes to another pure-black knit?

Can we tell I’m procrastinating work and school work? :)

spinning update, end of week 1

Right. I practiced throughout the week for 5 seconds here and there with the yarn and Friday at lunchtime (since I worked from home) I thought I’d give a try with fibre.

I turned my spindle into an impressive yo-yo; even though I was sitting and rolling it on my leg!! I tried this with the same outcome for about 30 minutes and had to give up and get back to work, but I found it highly amusing.

I should give it to E, he loves yo-yos. Read More about spinning update, end of week 1

sunday spinning

I (finally) have my spindle ((Did I email anyone with what size I bought? I thought i bought the small top whorl, but when I weigh the thing it’s around 3.0 oz .. Rhinebeck was eons ago.)) and some (99¢ acrylic) yarn out and am practicing what Ms Gibson-Roberts teaches in Spinning in the Old Way and I think I’m grokking it. We’ll see if in this next week I progress to roving or not, but bli neder, look for my musings on learning to spin here on Sundays.

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May 2007 bring you health, happiness, and other good blessings.