spinning sunday or not

Ok. Who wants to trade some spinning lessons with me? [photopress:spin14jan07.jpg,thumb,alignright]I’m soo not getting this and can’t justify to E the cost of The Yarn Tree’s lessons (not to mention I think they’ll be on a class night again). I have a slight hunch I’d do better with a wheel but I want to get some basics down before I attempt to justify to E the cost of a wheel (well, I did that, he shot me down with where would it go, which is a very very good question, we are totally out of space here). Anyway, I thought did fine with yarn, but put fibre there? Yikes. I even got out the big honking spindle today with some more yarn, and I was ok with that. I see spinning as the relaxing thing to do when I don’t want to count. I can’t count. That is why the beret is in time-out. Grr. It looks like a jr girl scout beanie (circa when I was a scout, so.. late 80’s). Anyway, let me know if you are interested and in the area. We’ll figure something out. I want to be fair, but I just don’t have that much cash to throw around right now.

What if I distracted you with some stitching? This is a tree from a wonderful book I picked up in Tokyo this summer. E didn’t get that it was a tree. Oy, my stitches were more even when I was 8 (and a Laura Ingalls Wilder addict). I’m planning on adding some more to it eventually. It isn’t quite the right fabric for stitching but what I had.

What if I distracted you with a blurry picture of Nibi? She’s really cute and makes us happy even if she’s quite spoiled and wants us to hand feed her while sitting next to a bowl (or a bag) full of food? (Please ignore the dirty house.)

Or what if I told you I balled up a bunch of yarn tonight, including (finally!!) Lavender Sheep’s yummy custom creation? I will finish E’s socks soon so I can work on two other pairs (one is a gift pair, and giftee may or may not read this site so you won’t see anything for now). PG was mad at me for not modeling her lately. I tried to explain it is because I take horrid pictures and my goal this year is to be better. Lighting is a big issue for us here at PG’s nest, but there isn’t much that can be done. It was quite grey today and all photos had to be taken under artificial yucky yellow light. Sorry!

I bought Sensational Knitted Socks last week using a Border’s Coupon and my holiday savings (Review tomorrow!!). It was thus even more affordable than the list price. I like this book and see why it has gotten wonderful reviews. I was looking for a Knitting on the Road or something but I think this will help me more right now. I just have to finish E’s socks (I’m halfway down the second leg). Grumble. Why did I say yes to another pure-black knit?

Can we tell I’m procrastinating work and school work? :)

what i did today

[note: it seems i used up all my proper usage of english language & grammar while writing my final earlier today. i think i’ll just leave this post with all its grammar horridness and i will use it as proof that a) i need to work on my writing and b) i need to work on my writing]

well, i didn’t work on swallowtail at all. yet. after posting this if E won’t take me to the grocery store i’m going to lock myself in the bedroom and knit until i finish or fall over, whichever comes first.

i wrote and rewrote and submitted 3000 words for my final. i know, that’s IT!! but it was pretty painful to get those words out. (i mean come-on i have written much more than that in a day)! i think they are the words i wanted in the order that i wanted. i hope so at any rate.

i walked a short bit, just 4.5 miles … it was nice out today. i’m sure that with my luck it’ll be snowing in vegas and la next week. *sigh* (is this december or may?)

here is the nice container that i brought home yesterday that nicely fits my pearle cotton collection. bonus points if you know what was in it.

[photopress:IMG_0001.JPG,thumb,pp_image] [photopress:IMG_0003.JPG,thumb,pp_image]

i did some cleaning … i bought some of those nifty huge ziploc bags (the XL) size to hide some of my yarn stash under the bed so E wouldn’t see all of it and unfortunately the clearance under the bedframe won’t let me hide the yarn. *sigh* now to figure out where to put it. yeah, that sock yarn.. she keeps following me home.

speaking of following me home…

while walking home today a kitten (ok, young cat) followed me most of the way who looked very much like my Cosette. I really want a kitten.

now a kitten can follow me (at) home.


Hillary, thank you for the beautiful pattern. Your pattern is so much nicer than my horrible implementation.
Pattern: Pointy Kitty from Hillary Lang.
Fabric: cotton PJ bottoms, ironed
Sewn: hand sewn.
Still missing: eyes, stripes, nose, whiskers
Thoughts: It’s a wonderful pattern and nicely written. i had soo many issues though. Let’s see, where to start. I had to hand sew her as my featherweight still needs some TLC & my little $5 sewing machine won’t work on this fabric. I should have bought interfacing or something because i ask you to attempt to cut & hand sew a stretchy machine knit. These were my PJ bottoms for years and they now have a huge hole on one leg so they’ve been in the scraps pile waiting for me to put this and Hillary’s pattern together. So, wrong choice of fabric, no machine. i’m amazed she looks as kitten-like as she does. Some of the seams have already busted open and i need to fix them, but that’s because my hand sewing skills for seams leave much to be desired. E came home and asked if i knit her. ;)

sick, soup, socks, and sewing

Yesterday I went to my doctor because I was worried that it wasn’t just my sinuses and she is near to my dentist who I was also scheduled to see. She just gave me some zyrtec and biaxin (I love the metallic taste in my mouth) and sent me on my way saying I was pretty healthy. Just once I want a doc to give me some of the special cough syrup all my friends get. I have spent half the day coughing and continue to try to battle it and drink as many liquids as I can. My dentist took xrays because of my complaint about how the sinus attack affected my teeth, we agreed my wisdom teeth have moved a little but it’s mostly the sinus pressure causing the pain which makes it feel that half of my face is on fire and momentarily about to explode. Not fun.

This post isn’t all about being sick. I thank everyone for their soup offers, and well wishes. I’m just not used to being sick (and staying home). If in this post there are stupid grammatical errors (such as it’s instead of its or the reverse) please forgive me. I’ve tried to catch them all. Read More about sick, soup, socks, and sewing