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While I love to engross myself in a nice long saga, my schedule doesn’t allow me to disappear for a full weekend and staying up all night reading isn’t as easy on the next day as it used to be, so I’ve found that I enjoy short stories much more now than I used to.

I’ve been collecting anthologies and last year gathered a windfall at a local public library book sale where I picked up a bunch of early Sword and Sorceress volumes. At that same sale this year I acquired a bunch of other early collected works of science fiction. One day I’ll complete my collections and work up to the present day but in the meantime I’m enjoying dipping in and reading these stories.

I also often listen to podcasts while I’m making things — cooking dinner, spinning, weaving — whatever it is that means it’s not as easy to have my nose in a book and still complete my task. I find here too I enjoy listening to short fiction. I have other podcasts I also listen to but today I’ll just link to the four short fiction ones I listen to regularly, and if you’ve been reading here for a while they should come as no surprise. I’ve been trying to think of something constructive to add other than to suggest you download an episode, listen, and if you like what you hear help spread the word, purchase items they sell, or set up a regular donation.

Escape Pod


Clarkesworld Magazine

Lightspeed Magazine

edit adding Cast of Wonders (they’ll be joining the Escape Artists family next year).

For a while like most everyone else I also very much enjoyed Welcome to Night Vale but I’ve found it falls into the category of podcasts I don’t listen to as frequently though I do tend to binge on it. Do you have a short fiction (preferably science fiction or fantasy) that you enjoy? I don’t like a lot of extra commentary I really just want some brief intro and to jump into the story. If there’s one I’ve missed, please let me know, I’m curious. Again, this is for short fiction, not serialized novels. Thanks!

an attempt at slowness

Though I’m not attempting to slow down in the race to catch up in the newspapers or magazines I’m behind on. I am completely caught up on all but the most recent The Economist and plugging away at The New Yorker and the other magazines floating around. E’s hoping that I really attach the magazine rack soon, it’s over flowing.

This past week I listened to a few really great podcasts including The Cambist and Lord Iron over at Podcastle. Craftlit is currently zooming through The Scarlet Letter and one day I’ll catch up with Escape Pod.

Watership Down Remix: Making Art and Commerce Thrive in the Hybrid Economy

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