from grey to blue

I planned to post about my frustration with yet another grey and potentially rainy day.

By the time I completed my errands, the sky was bright blue and the sun was shining!

I’ll save and edit that post for a future date and leave you with a small picture of PG and Spot in Trois-Rivi


… and change of place impart new vigor to the mind. ~Seneca

the open road

from our nest …

We are enjoying a nice quiet Tuesday together and hope that all of you are enjoying your day and time with family, friends, health, and happiness.

pg with chaverim

tool: deep breath and stress reduction

To say I was mildly stressed recently would be an understatement. Things were starting to boil over and I felt that much of everything professionally and personally was basically falling apart. Both PG and E have been really good in helping me out. PG wrote that post and E listened and let me talk some of the stress through. Meetings with other [involved parties] and discussions with them about difficulties being faced [in meeting deadlines among other things] brought alternatives and potential solutions.

Thus, most of my stress has disappeared. My work load hasn’t changed, actually I have a few additional projects, but the schedule of all of them and the concerns and worry I had about some of “life” have been worked out.

Today’s “tool” is to take a deep breath and talk through what is stressing you out. It’s being open to solutions you might not have thought about before. It’s asking questions, because you never know, the answer might be yes! No matter what remember to take some time for you, everyone will be happier for it.

in other news: PG’s scarf is about 50% done (I thought it was more, but I just measured it against her a few minutes ago) I have quite a bit of knitting to do for her before Rhinebeck!

finished, in progress, and penguin spotting

My pride and joy, Finished Rhinebeck Scarf, ready for a nap this is my “Rhinebeck scarf”, and I am in love. The pattern is Haruha scarf by Tikru. I started it a few weeks ago and finished it Sunday. The yarn is Fleece Artist Merino in Moss. I had originally planned to make the embossed leaves socks from Interweave with this yarn, but the colourplay is too pretty to put in socks. The scarf measures 25.5cm x 160 cm (10in x 63in) and it’s the perfect length for little me. This is the first lace I’ve knit for myself. I’m not a huge fan of scarves but perhaps it’s because I never had a lace one I knit myself? Additional photos (I took a ton, please forgive me), may be found in my finished objects flickr set.

PG of course wanted a scarf all her very own, so I’m making her PG's rhinebeck scarf progress one. Originally I was going to knit her Branching Out from Knitty, but it was too fussy for me and while it’s a nice pattern, it did not work to well on DMC cotton and 1.75mm needles. Thus I’m doing a garter stitch with random YO’s to add some interest (for both of us). She likes it. She’s sad she can’t have beautiful leaves like me but she’s forgiven me. I bent the dpn’s to better fit my hands. I like a needle about 6 inches in length. Anything longer than that and my wrists kill me. I think she wants me to make her a little pin to keep it in place, well see. She might get a jump ring and a small snip of wire. ;) She’s been a really good penguin for me lately. I have some leftover fleeceartist, maybe i’ll make her a scarf in it.

I’ve been working on a gift for a friend’s “new son” c's cargos, in progress for quite some time now. I had started a sweater for him before he was born, and learned that I had been twisting stitches when I purled so it was frogged. I kept saying I’d make something for him and just dragged my feet. In July I realized that Cargo again from knitty were so very cute and I wanted to knit them for this boy with two big sisters. So I cast on but really didn’t stay too focused on the project. I realized last week that he was turning one so I have been charging at this project since I finished the scarf. And it goes FAST! Once I realized I just wasn’t getting the hem folded properly and knit in, I decided to sew it later and I also switched to two circs from dpn’s. The photo here was taken a few days ago. I’m about an inch from doing the turning row before the elastic casing hem. I’m knitting the largest size. The father, a very good friend of mine, has ensured me that he thinks these will still fit for a day or two. :)

How do you find us (me and pg) at Rhinebeck? I’ll leave you a few photo clues and tell you that I’m about 5’1″ I wear glasses and I look over ten years YOUNGER than I am. Look for the girl with a wedding band who you think is way to young too get married and you’re probably spot on. I will probably have a ball cap on (with all my hair underneath), so unless my head is pointing up, i’ll probably not see you. I also can’t hear very well with background noise, so don’t shout, but if i turn and stare at your lips I’m trying to listen to you. Here are a few photos of things I think you should/could look for. The bag is almost always overstuffed. I don’t think it will be on Sunday, but you never know.
PG with a chai latte Finished Rhinebeck Scarf, on chair self portrait 10 Sept 07 My bag