riding “history”

This holiday season the MTA is running special trains on Sundays. On the V line from 2nd Avenue to Queens Plaza, every hour (about on the hour) you can catch a special “nostalgia” train from 10a to 5p. This is an ongoing until 30 December. This past Sunday E and I brought ourselves into the city and waited for this special V to show up.

As it pulled into the station (with a sizeable crowd waiting on the platform) I attempted to photograph it and failed miserably. E suddenly stepped back and I heard unhappy language escaping his lips. Apparently his battery did not properly charge so I must torture you with my terrible photos.

It was kinda fun but I guess the hustle and bustle of a weekend day in NYC in December got to me. I did enjoy the padding on the seat, for two reasons. First, those plastic seats are quite cold on dark winter mornings, secondly is that I don’t have much padding so any little bit makes me happy.

Many of the advertisements made me smile… I find the germs one quite timely. Yuck.

This is why PG is mad at me. I left her home and she isn’t very happy about it and keeps trying (along with Work) to make sure I don’t complete my final project (due tomorrow). *sigh*

"Vintage Train" ad on "vintage subway" ad on "vintage" subway ad on "vintage subway" ad on "vintage" subway ad on "vintage subway"

pg’s safety tip

Just a quick safety tip today because I’m still thawing from a lunchtime excursion. It’s just REALLY REALLY windy today. My office building’s windows are still in (to my surprise), but others aren’t so lucky.

Please hold onto the railing when going up or down the subway stairs. Especially if they are icy. Hopefully those behind you won’t be rude and push you, but be really careful. If you find yourself starting to slip due to snow or ice attempt to turn it into a trip down a slide and aim for the super slick part.

Be very careful of the stairs on the SE side of 79th on the 1 (on your way to knitty city). I’ve always had a very large problem with that stairwell. It seems that the snow and ice and frozen slush builds up there.

Also be careful of a certain stairwell on the CI bound F train. I slid down it a few years ago, thus prompting this safety reminder message.

Similarly be careful crossing the streets (especially when in the early evening). When it’s dark at 5pm I’ve noticed that cars don’t care and whip around corners without thinking (oh wait they always do that) and thus far I’ve been very very lucky. I also once slid across Coney Island Avenue (by Ave P) … THAT one hurt, I wasn’t rushing I just hit that patch of ice just “right”.

Happy Hanukkah!

staying informed

This is probably not relevant to any of those who actually read this site, but I’ll write it anyway. I don’t think I’ve written about this yet. The MTA does maintenance on the lines on weekends, late nights, and weekly. They have had an email alert (similar to straphangers alerts) for a while now, but that was only for weekend changes.

They recently added weekday alert notices. These are only for planned outages and which does not help for sudden work or train malfunction or whatever else is happening during the week.

I used to get the straphanger notices. I stopped reading them as I get too much email (I’ve been paring down. It’s a work in progress). I mentally think of these mta notices as “new” and I changed my mangement of that sort of email so it is a little more “in my face” and hopefully I’ll start paying more attention. As some track work was recently conducted on my portion of the F line, I was pleased to find that I actually read these, found them relevant, timely, and easy to read. I think that all of these are useful and I look forward to when I can put in the lines, stations, and times I routinely travel on and receive incredibly customized reports. It would further be awesome to be able to query the system and say “I’m at station X now, what’s doing between here and there?”

I’ll keep dreaming.

Also, if it is relevant to you, did you fill out a report card? I admit that the interface is nasty, but maybe the results will end up useful. What was that about the dreaming? ;)

photo tuesday

little red lighthouse

Obviously i’ve been missing a ton of posts for Tuesdays so I’ll now make Tuesdays a photo spotlight of sorts. We’ll see how long this lasts. ;)