cats and kittens and love

Last Friday, my local humane society assisted in removing over 60 cats from a hoarding situation. They have a specific fundrazr dedicated to helping these cats to health and happy forever homes. Every single dollar helps. Still not convinced? This horrifying video shows the deplorable conditions many of those cats were kept in.
Joy is seeing the cats enjoy life outside of a cage:

Please, help if you can.

We’re also on call as a foster guardians… I specifically asked to foster groups as we all know what happens if I foster singles! I wasn’t surprised to get a call at 2:45 yesterday afternoon that there’s a new mum and her five born that morning kittens who needed a quiet and safe space to grow. We picked everyone up at 6pm last night and they are settling in. She doesn’t mind me petting and brushing her while her brand new kittens nurse. She is longhaired and all black from what I can tell. Four of her kittens are also all black and one has some white on their paws.


Right now the carrier is still her safe space, but the entire (albeit small) kitten room is hers for the next few weeks.

Shadow and Buddy know that something is happening in the basement but aren’t quite sure what.

While on the topic of fostering, on Sunday June 22, 2014 at 10am, there will be a fostering workshop at The New Rochelle Humane Society. If you are interested in what fostering is about and what’s needed, please try to attend!

Please support your local humane society! Remember we can save the world, one kitty at a time!