i feel like that commercial

for the cruise line. you know the one I mean. For the past week I’ve not had to *do* the laundry (but I’ve thought about it as it accumulated), worry about linens, clean the bathroom, do dishes. I’ve had the joys of the london transport network (it has problems but there are features which knock new york’s socks off). I spent half my days in museums (full report coming this afternoon or tomorrow) and my afternoons doing work over coffee and people watching. It was cold (around 0 centigrade) but there was little wind so it was nice.

We landed hard last night (due to extreme wind) .. I waved to Shanna and Miriam and David as we flew over their home-areas on our route to JFK.

I need to transfer pics to my main machine and decide which I’ll share. I didn’t take many as I just forgot lots of time to do so. I have lots of email to get through. I have a second machine half set up that needs to be backed up and transfered. I have another busy week. It’ll get done! yay!

Though this wind + cold is not making me very happy. AT ALL.

Oh and happy birthday e! (i still need to find you a gift!)

in London

will try to post some photos soon. had the smoothest flight & getting to hotel ever. am having oodles of fun (i’m doing work too, it isn’t all play). I went to an amazing exhibit at the british library this morning. thankfully they enclose everything in glass and plexiglass so that my drool didn’t ruin the masterpieces.

weather is gray and cold. but not windy.

i’m in trouble

When she’s not drawing amazing things, L posts about awesome new moleskines planners .. (she sells them too)

advantages : the 18 month runs through all of ’07 .. (apparently through 06 Jan 08)
disadvantages : all 18 months are “soft covered”

Now to see if I can wait patiently until 26 June 06 …

Well, at least I no longer have need to go to the filofax store on our upcoming trip to London.

Oh, yeah, that — we’re leaving this motzei shabbos (crazy dash to JFK) and returning Feb 5th. I’ll post when I can. :)