not such a bad afternoonAs with many others I know, I was hit pretty hard last week with sinus torture. On Friday I finally gave in when I realized every task I undertook to complete needed at least three tries to do properly and quadruple my initial time estimate.

So I took a sick day, in theory. I’m not good at sick days.

Eventually Shadow and I curled up together in a comfy chair in the library and between naps I pulled out a knit I’ve ignored for almost a year that I keep meaning to work on.

Girasole is the house blanket that I started after we closed in August 2009. It is the first project to get put aside when another shiny knit pops up.

Only I would find lacey knitting enjoyable under the influence of a sinus headache. Because it’s a knit that’s mostly for me, I figured if I messed up it didn’t matter. Read More about returning