kitten season!

On March 31st, Maggie and her four kittens (who were 6 days old at the time) came to spend a few weeks with us. They’re growing and in the past few days went from sleeping to constant movement with extra naps.

Hopefully soon I’ll get some good photos of everyone.

Maggie is very loving and enjoys spending time with me. She’s quite talkative and I enjoy our conversations.


My primary job is to help socialize the kittens so they will be comfortable in their forever home. In this modern era that means they’re active on social media! While I post many foster kittens photos my own accounts, the kittens have their own! They are on instagram as @JustEnoughKittens and have a Facebook page too.


If you would like to support my foster kittens, please donate to Westchester Humane Society at New Rochelle. Why don’t I set up a Patreon or some sort of donation page? While there are supplies I would love (not to mention gas money), I’d much prefer donations to help as many kittens and puppies as possible. The humane society is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit so you can get a tax deduction this way. Thank you.

Kitten Season & TNR

It’s kitten season. What does that mean? That means that local shelters will quickly become inundated with adorable kittens.

How can you help?

2016-04-28-fosterkittens-1 Donate!

  • Money
  • Specific items
  • Time

For example my local humane society, the Humane Society of Westchester at New Rochelle, loves donations. Money is valuable as then they can use it where it’s needed most. They maintain a wish list of specific items that are useful. I go through tons of towels each kitten season and was very thankful for a box of disinfecting wipes that I took home along with meds when a foster kitten had a spectacular poop problem last year. (If you can donate the ones that are scrubby on one side, those are super nice If you donate disposable gloves I’m going to ask for a range of sizes including small. Like the kittens, everyone working and volunteering comes in a range of sizes. Perhaps your budget is tight, maybe you can donate your time or even consider fostering. Fostering has two-fold benefits for shelters: first the kittens are socialized and are more adoptable, second you free up space by allowing the kittens to grow and learn how to be kittens before they’re placed in the shelter to wait for their forever home.

Yes, you can also help by adopting!

2016-04-28-fosterkittens-3 2016-04-28-fosterkittens-2

These kittens are being fostered by a friend. Don’t you want to help them?

On Wednesday I went with a friend to TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) two cats in our area. This is something I hope to do more of in the future. What is TNR? This is a program to help control the community cat populations without senseless killing. By returning the cats to where they were found, they’re more likely to survive as the already have shelter and know of food sources. Sure it’s not a cozy warm pillow, but adult feral cats are generally not candidates to be brought indoors, you can learn more about socialization from Alley Cat Allies. We trapped both, one already had his ear tipped so he was released immediately. Overall, this program has been incredibly effective in our area.

ps Buddy sends extra purrs and snuggles.



sleepy boys and eager kittens

Shadow and Buddy are readjusting to life without a house full of foster kittens… and catching up on their naps.

Hans and Greta are at Humane Society of Westchester at New Rochelle waiting for their forever home. HSW is open 7 days 10-4, Thursday 2-8. Hans is unhappy to no longer have access to my lap whenever he wants, but I know he’ll find an even better lap soon. I stopped by the other day to give him reassurance, and he spent the hour curled up while his sister played.

Hans & Greta