flying fingers

Well, my holiday is over, my holiday has begun, and I am sorry for those scrambling to find gifts before next Tuesday. So what am I doing?

Holiday knitting (and crochet).

I finally made the Polar Bear Cub Hat! polar bear cub hatI think it’s adorable as can be. If you knit with plush yarn (yucks) I do not suggest sewing on parts with the same yarn. I haven’t yet heard if it fits since L’s mum kept my prototype, but we’ll see. The yarn is Peter Pan Darling in White. I held two strands together and used a 6mm crochet hook. I had about 12″ leftover after the sewing on of the ears. One is slighly off and there was no way I was able to undo it. I really don’t like plush yarns, but it is definitely soft as anything.

A coworker gave me a holiday gift, and she thought to ripple lace basket linergive it early because of Chanukah. I thought this was a sweet surprise. In thanks, I knit her Amy King’s “Ripple Basket Liner” found in The Knitter’s Book of Yarn. I used less than one ball of Lion Kitchen Cotton in Sage. This knit up incredibly fast .. it’s knit center-out so there is no purling. :) I hope she’ll like it.

Next up, R bought his mum a cell cozy new cell and I offered to knit him a cozy for it. He wanted to buy her a sewing machine but she asked for the phone. Considering how old hers is, we agreed this would be a smart gift. He requested red “with some white”. I chose the diamond pattern in More Sensational Knitted Socks and this is my first real attempt at two-colour knitting and I think it turned out wonderfully. It is knit in once piece from the bottom up, constructed quite similar to how I do socks. My floats are quite loose and he likes it. We decided to add a tether because “she looses everything”.. I’ve not been happy with the tethers I’ve seen. Sometimes I want it short, sometimes I want it a bit longer. So I made this one. Just inside at the base of the cord is a ring for the “short tether”. On the i-cord is another jumpring which floats and will wrap around whatever for a longer tether cord. I hope that she likes both the cozy and the new phone.

The Firm had their holiday dinner on Monday and I wanted a new hat to wear. Robin's Egg Blue HatEnter one skein of Kraemer Yarns Mauch Chunky in Portabello, a bunch of 5mm circs, and Rachel Iufer’s Robin’s Egg Blue Hat. I didn’t quite get done until after the first course was served but I finished it. I didn’t wear it during dinner and haven’t worn it in the office as it’s much too casual for my environment. It’s also a bit smaller than I’d like. I’m torn between ripping it and knitting a softer-lining with retractable ear flaps. This is a really great hat and it’s true that it’s a fast knit. I had cast on at 6:30am and by 6pm I had a hat, not to mention had worked a long day!

This morning I finished the second heel of the jaywalkers and am now flying up the leg. jaywalker progress, 2007-12-19. It’s amazing how much tighter my stitches are for the leg than the foot. It’s a bit frustrating but we’ll see how they come out. They may be a gift but if they’re too wonky, I’ll keep them.

I have done a small (very small) bit of spindle spinning. I’ve been playing too much with Ravelry and knitting those holiday gifts (I have one more to go, which I need to think about before I cast on, technically I need it for 2008-01-02). Yesterday I received API access to Ravelry and started to add those new nifty progress bars on the sidebar (slowly I’m cleaning up this site). I need to clean up the css, but as I’ve been fighting lots of css lately, I’m going to let it think about itself first. Sometimes I can be very stupid when it comes to configuring technology (3 hours yesterday, we won’t talk about my idiotic behaviour today). I saw Squid and Squidette in Knitty City this afternoon. It was a pleasant surprise and wonderful to see Pearl’s store packed.

review: empire of ivory

Empire of Ivory by Naomi Novik

Disclaimer the first: I’m a sucker for historical fiction.
Disclaimer the second: I’m a sucker for dragons.
Disclaimer the third: I’m incredibly ignorant of the Napoleonic Era
Disclaimer the fourth: I’m realizing now how poor my public school education was — I only know history as discrete events, not as a proper timeline across place at one time. I’m working to fix this but it’s slow going. [If you know of better timeline links please let me know]
Disclaimer the fifth: I “know” Naomi. In that I TA’d for her four out of the five times I was a TA. We’ve not kept in touch and I wish I was as “well read” (however poorly that still is) when we “knew” each other and interacted. One class had assignments to code Harry Potter spells.. I nodded and smiled and graded students based on their coding expertise (or lack thereof). I knew nothing of Harry Potter until I graduated in ’01. *sigh* opportunities missed..

Now to the book.

I tried to wait to read this book until the term was fully over. It kept beckoning to me as I had enjoyed the first three books. This past weekend I could not resist any longer and cracked open the blue cover and began to read. I finished over dinner this evening. Quite a few other things happened in that time period (work, sleep, &c) but in between the front and back covers I

now we’re really rockin’

First Corrie and now Devorah have each honoured me with a Rockin’ Girl Blogger Award. (Did I miss anyone? Please let me know. It wasn’t intentional.)

Thank you!

I’m going to turn it right back at Corrie (happy birthday) and Devorah (you are an awesome teacher) because they really do both ROCK. To that I’ll add the Oregon contingent: Sara (who needs some smiles), Yvonne (who dyes wonderfully and is a joy to work with), and Jodie (for the inspiration she gives and luck with her new ventures [teaching and an etsy shop]) and last but not least Britt (for her bold words and thought provoking writing).

three squees!

Totally out of posting order… I need some happiness and here is some:

Squee the first:
finished mostly baby cable socksMostly baby cable socks with LavenderSheep Fibre Garden superwash merino in colourway “Peninah” (a wonderful blend of grey, purple, and brown, my favourites!). Sock the first is completely baby cables, including on the heel flap. Sock the mate is a twist whenever i felt like it and the rib/twist continuing down the shortrow heel. I am in love. But i’m going to attempt to VERY VERY VERY quickly knit a pair of summer cotton socks before Sunday evening. Wish me luck.

Squee the second:
my first handspunThe most awesome Squid (Devorah) taught me how to spin this afternoon. It is ALL in the predraft. Which I knew but I just couldn’t get right. Devorah is awesome. It has clicked for me. FINALLY. AND she let me try her birthday present (hmm.. my birthday is near rhinebeck..) which is one of these with some alpaca on it. Oh dear. Oh my dear. I wonder though if E will allow one of these. I should go clean up to prove there is space. The fibre used is from UberImma who no long blogs publically.

Squee the third:
purple rovingBecause she is the most awesomest of enablers of the best kind, Devorah gave me this pile of gorgeous purple roving. She said it’s merino. I’m trying hard not to drool into it. Have you seen her spinning? It’s awesome. I saw some silk she’s spinning up. WOW. Many thanks to Dave for connecting us!

day trips…

we sometimes have a very broad definition of what constitutes a day drip from NYC.

For example, Sunday morning at about 10am we decided to head up (over?) to Mystic Seaport for the day. I don’t think we are going anywhere tomorrow, we’ll see what Sunday brings. It is the three weeks and all.

I am VERY slow in posting this to the point of embarrassment. Go here. Read. Help. Please? Thank you. It would mean a lot to me and even more to Annie. I was not yet 10. We had some support from our community, but I know today, we can do so much more. However you want to help. But, please, do.