foster kitten(s) update

My sixth kitten of the season is ~9 week old Dot Warner. She is slowly gaining confidence and learning to trust the two humans who are caring for her. She was very unhappy when she first came and was very vocal about it.

Black & White ~9wk old foster kitten posing on stairs

Shadow’s not her best friend, but he will let her nap near him on occasion.

Shadow curled up on bowl table and foster kitten Dot napping on cat tree

Overall, she’s doing great, she still is very anxious when I walk near her. She will, however, seek me out for snuggles (and to feed her. She has a bottomless kitten tummy.)

Before Dot arrived, I had two five-week old kittens who were still learning to eat. They were a challenge!

black and white foster kitten ~6 weeks learning to eat

two black & white foster kittens ~6 weeks being bottle fed

Black & White foster kittens ~6 weeks playing

Look for a review of the Tom Bihn Truck soon!

Meet Miss Rosie!

Yesterday afternoon I received a call from the Humane Society of Westchester asking if I could foster a kitten. We’re still missing Hans and Greta and sad that they’ve not yet found their forever home, so of course I said yes.

She’s so tiny! And adorable. And hyper. She purrs and loves to snuggle in my lap and play with the hood ties on a very old sweatshirt. I’m honoured to spend this special time with her.

kitten challenge

On Wednesday we picked up a new foster kitten. He’s really shy and needs lots of socialization. He likes to see us but at the moment would much rather play by himself. We’ve been spending quite a bit of extra time with him and hopefully he’ll be ready for adoption really soon.