There is much we are thankful for this year. I don’t know the right words so I will just say.. Thank you.

Please join with my friend Mary and pay our thankful forward with Random Act of Kindness on Thankful Hearts Day on December 5th.

Thank you.

PG w Chai Latte

* Mary and I have known each other since we were 3. (Her grandparents and my grandparents were also very close friends.)


Happy Birthday Mum! I’m very thankful we can celebrate this day and look forward to a healthier year!

I love you.

(photo April 2005)

home sweet home

Mum is home. She and her puppy, Bo, are very happy to be reunited with each other. I’m not sure who had the larger smile on their face. He’s been taking care of her since she came home and guards her at night. Together he will make sure she has a complete recovery.

Thank you to everyone for your support these two months.

May you have a safe and happy holiday weekend.

puppy love

This is Bo, my mum’s puppy. He’s happy she’s feeling better and hopes to see her soon.

I haven’t posted anything here.. the reason it’s been mostly kitten photos is my mother was first admitted to the hospital over a month ago. It’s been an adventure that included open heart surgery. After many good days post-op/hospital on Wednesday night she gave the staff at her rehab center and me a scare that lead to returning to a hospital. She is now back on the track to recovery and looking forward to being able to come home and spend time with her puppy.

Your kind thoughts have been and continue to be appreciated by all of us.

PLEASE Fill out Health Care Proxy (or other advanced directive) forms now. I don’t care if you are 32 or 72 (or 21). Make sure someone else can speak for you if you can’t. I cannot stress this part enough, PLEASE understand what MOLST/DNR Orders mean.

tools for life

Thank you daddy.

365.230 ... 20091007W

I wish I could tell you in person. There is so much I could wish but there is no need to dwell on what if’s, or to wallow in sadness. Over the past twenty years that are both too long and so sudden I’ve found time and again that the tools and skills you gave me for life are innumerable, highly varied, and priceless. I miss you every day. May your memory be a blessing and one day I be an honour to you and mommy. I love you.

May my friends who have recently lost a parent know they are not alone. It isn’t easy. It isn’t fair. I have no words of wisdom but offer my shoulder and ear. This is one club I really wish you didn’t join.