i dream of epp

Many friends caught the EPP bug a while ago and I kept trying to get infected and it didn’t quite stick. I was overthinking the process and kept trying to hard to do it perfectly. In January I placed a NetGalley request for an upcoming Storey Publishing release, All Points Patchwork. I was surprised when I was accepted and started to read it while cooking dinner one night. I had to stop in the midddle and email the author Diane to thank her for such a clear and informative book and that I finally got English Paper Piecing and I couldn’t wait to get started. Well, dinner didn’t burn but it was close.

the apple-a-day blog hop

A few months ago Diane invited me to take part in a blog hop to help promote the book. As I looked over the schedule and the proposed topics, I knew what I would do! I chose a template I found incredibly challenging and probably never would have attempted if left to my own devices. I participated in the The Apple-A-Day Blog Hop. I won’t deny it was a challenge and pushed my EPP limits. I ended up turning my handful of cores into a new potholder. Something I desperately needed since before we moved into this house. It’s very nice to now pour water for tea and coffee in the morning without burning my hand. Why did it take so long? Couldn’t I just buy one? Yes. But I had lots of fabric and I’ve wanted to make it myself and just found other projects always took priority. You can see more photos and learn about how I found All Points Patchwork to be a valuable resource at little acorn creations.

I’m very pleased with my imperfect result. The moment I first held the stack of pressed EPP in my hand I knew I was hooked. So much so the other night began to put together an EPP travel kit for 1″ hexagons (inspired in part by Haley’s travel kit tutorial and all the pins and Instagram photos i’ve seen over the past few months).


Yes, you can buy wonderful templates from Paper Pieces both on cardstock and great acrylic ones. I will. I need to decide on the other sizes and shapes and build a good order. I’ve bookmarked their amazing hexagon cutting guide for future reference. Note after I printed one copy of Diane’s template, I searched and located a fuller sheet of 1″ hexies. It’s easy to google and find one you like.

All Points Patchwork (book site)
by Diane Gilleland
Storey Publishing, May 2015
ISBN: 978-1-61212-420-9

Have I caused you to catch the EPP bug yet?