PG w Chai LatteThe NY Metro region is struggling to recover from the double blow of a hurricane and a nor’easter. Yes, last night, a nor’easter blew through, leading to record amounts of snow after a few days of record lows. Many trees still have their leaves which means more broken branches and potentially more downed power lines. Many are still without power and heat. Many have lost everything. Please help if you can.

With an updated copy & paste from last week’s post, here are a few links to references sites with information on how you can help.

There are many more sites out there. Please, be wary of potential scams.

For the most part, an individual’s donation of money is much more useful to an organization than showing up and dropping off some outgrown jackets and blankets. Some organizations are accepting donations of goods by individuals, please check first, and if in doubt, donate money.

Below is a list of some organizations accepting donations and a few small businesses that are donating a portion of their sales or providing goods to help with the relief effort.

Thank you.