Banff National Park

Last weekend E and I explored Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada. I urge you to visit, and to be smart and mindful of your time in this beautiful UNESCO World Heritage Site (leave no trace).

I am still processing both what we experienced and the photos from our brief time in this gorgeous region. We only had a few short days to spend there and hope to return. If you would like to help celebrate Canada 150, the free 2017 Discovery Pass provides unlimited opportunities to enjoy national parks, national marine conservation areas, and national historic sites across Canada!

After spending some time in Banff and visiting Lake Louise, we explored a few kilometers of the Icefields Parkway:

photo of Lake Louise, June 2017

Photo of Lake Herbert, June 2017

Photo of Bow Lake, June 2017

Photo of Peyto Lake, June 2017

Parc national de la Jacques-Cartier

Parc national de la Jacques-Cartier

This past summer, we drove up to Québec and despite rain plaguing our entire trip, one morning we went to Parc national de la Jacques-Cartier. It is a very beautiful place and I wish I had done some research (and planning) before in order to properly enjoy it. E had done some planning, but I let him drive (both the car and the destinations) this trip. We purchased a proper carte (map), so I hope one day to return and explore more under more enjoyable weather.

It was a very busy place, with several school buses of school children picking up rafts and canoes to paddle in the Rivière Jacques-Cartier. Actually paddling seemed to be the desired activity of everyone we saw at the Welcome Center. We were one of a few with the intention to cycle around.

We biked a little. We watched some fish be released into the rivière and ended up choosing a trail that was out of commission about a quarter of the way in. Unfortunately, due to the terrible weather we experienced throughout the trip–constant rain and grey zap my energy, this short biking excursion (around 10km) was all we accomplished the entire week. We wanted to do a bit more, but because we just throw the bikes in the trunk, the spokes on my rear tire got bent all out of alignment and caused another later ride to turn into a walk.

I’m slowly processing all my photos, from this trip and in general. The wet and grey weather experiences this summer, caused me to take many photos hoping that at least one might be good. Processing them is tedious and I keep finding other things I’d rather do (such as Work). At this point, the trip was so long ago, I have to look up in my journal where we went and what I might wish to write.

As I slowly return to more PG writing, this is not necessarily a bad thing as it provides me material. I’m not quite sure what the schedule will be, but I hope to have four posts a week. We’ll see what the future brings.