on a day like today

wednesday button benderbuy buttons.

Today wasn’t terrible. It wasn’t awesome. It was a hot Wednesday.

I distracted myself from the approaching end of summer and the ever expanding to-do list by making short forays into P&S Fabrics* and M&J Trimming.

I’m designing a gift for a good friend and am not yet positive what buttons I wish to use on it. I bought several options so I can choose when the time is right. When I walked in, I thought I was looking for something completely different. I surprised myself by pulling boxes containing these off the shelves again and again.

E acquired a new suit for the upcoming yamin noraim (what you thought I’d let that approach without any mention? I do miss writing on this topic, but if I want to give my learning what it needs, I don’t have time to write here as well. If you would like to try private study feel free to ask.) I really don’t need or want a new suit (I’d like a new top but that’s another saga), but I did really want to replace the buttons on the jacket. I’ve meant to replace them from day one, I think for about six years! The buttons the jacket came with are traditional, but still too flashy and trendy for me. I never felt comfortable with them. These aren’t quite the ones I was looking for, but they’ll do if I don’t find anything else between now and then.

It was a nice diversion for a Wednesday. I wish I could do it more often, like on any day that ends with Y.

* They moved again. They’re now next door to their old locale and they now have Cascade 220 & 220 Superwash (in limited colours) and Crystal Palace Mini Mochi and Mochi Plus.