ROOT reading progress

Back in January, I stated my plan to read 52 books that I own this year. We’re now at the mid-point of the year, how am I doing?


While I’ve read 54 books so far, some of those are rereads, so 43 of those count toward the general reading challenge. Several should probably be condensed into omnibus editions since I inhaled them in a handful of hours. Of those, only 17 or 32% are ROOT reading. Due to the loose definition I gave of what book could count as ROOT, many of those were acquired this year and there are more library book sales to come this summer.

Do I think I’ll meet my goal of 52 ROOT books this year? I honestly don’t know but I’m definitely going to try!

Another challenge is I’m trying to pause between books to write at least 100 words on each title. It isn’t easy and I’m struggling as I’m very much out of the habit of writing regularly. Writing time is now scheduled into my day; I also need to overcome both my desire for perfection and my fear of inadvertently letting a spoiler slip. My goal to help clear the backlog of reviews is to post ones that are deemed “good enough” and try for at least two each week. They appear on goodreads and depending on the title, also on librarything and other places readers look for reviews.

AllSoulsTrilogyNext week I hope for some perfection as I plant to review the conclusion to the All Souls Trilogy by Deborah Harkness, The Book of Life. I received my digital galley through NetGalley. In the meantime, please follow these links for my thoughts on the first two books:
Discovery of Witches: reviewed in May 2011
Shadow of Night: discussed in September 2013, reviewed in July 2014 at goodreads & librarything