Take the “A” Train…

Late one night last week after class, a new train pulled into Columbus Circle and I had the chance to ride it all the way to Jay Street. Some additional information info about the new trains can be found at Gothamist, here and ; NYT article (well, bits of it, since it’s now “old”) can be found here.

I really like the the R160’s FIND system. It’s really nice and easily answers the “how many more stops” question.

I really hope they roll on the F soon. :)

It does make riding the old cruddy R32s or whatever they are really frustrating. I’m a really bad train geek aren’t I? I *LOVE* riding on trains, but couldn’t tell you any of the super geeky details. *sigh*

*I take the A to Brooklyn, but I can tell you it is one of the fastest ways from Harlem (or Washington Heights where I lived for a few weeks) to mid-town and vice-versa.

trains, rain, and brain

sorry for the alliteration..

This post has been languishing in my to-do pile for quite some time and this week’s weather has given me some incentive to finish and post it.

As reported several weeks ago in Gothamist the rain continues to cause lots of problems for our aging subway system. Rain doesn’t just drip in the stations, it often pours in. A few years ago E and I were sitting in the front car of our train as we entered 42nd and we got rained on. The rain was pouring in so hard from the streets that it created a curtain and we got soaked. It was horrid. Luckily I keep some clothing to change into at the office but a wet penny and air conditioning did not a happy penny make. I wouldn’t have minded as much if it was on the way home and I could take a nice hot shower and curl up in bed after. I’m not sure what the solution is. I’m just adding my voice to the complaint.

After the LIRR incident a few weeks ago, I have noticed an increase in “mind the gap between the train and the platform” annoucements, especially on the LIRR. I will say that I have not seen any gap as wide as some on the Tube system. Some of them scared the @#($*& out of me and it took all my courage to jump on.

In terms of things scaring the @#($*^ out of me, I have a confession. If you have been reading this silly site for a while, you are aware that I am scared petrified of bridges over water. I now am altering my routes so as to avoid taking the B or Q home.

My entire process for registering today went very very smooth. I’m still waiting for something really bad to happen.

First, a penny-volume shout out to a band that sounded quite good last night despite limited pre-everyone-on-campus numbers — I’ll see if I can help out during bball season. Next, CU Arts.com. Then, well, I’ll let this speak for itself [via].

I need to also let you know that Bar Camp NYC2 will be the weekend of September 30th – October 1st. If you are able, I urge you to attend. I sadly will not be there for a multitude of reasons, but you should go if you can. I have heard wonderous things have been planned.

Ok. that concludes today’s Public Service Annoucements.

awesome + necessary

NYC Subway Google Map.

Finally! Also you MUST go scrolling around the map. ;) try to “fall off”. I fell off my chair giggling.

Will try to get knitting post up. Haven’t taken pics yet, nor thought about what I want to write. I’ll probably just post double tomorrow.

It also appears that the tokyo photos are missing from the gallery page. i dunno why at the moment and will look further in to it as time permits.

cherry blossoms, sheep & yarn, trains, and a world to come…

It’s been a bit of time since I’ve fully updated with a “let’s blog about my life”. In this post PG will let me (PSG) write about last weekend, where E and I went (along with everyone else) to the Sakura Matsuri (Cherry Blossom Festival), this weekend’s adventures at Maryland’s Sheep and Wool Festival, the B & O Rail Road Museum, and my thoughts on Dara Horn’s amazing new novel, The World to Come. Oh and PG’s a bit upset. We left her home to babysit nibbler.

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