balancing summer end

It’s the time of year when I try to balance long hours of work with long hours of work. At dawn and dusk, as weather permits, I try to escape for trail runs or long walks. It’s difficult, what I really want to do is play with the ideas that I’ve scribbled into my notebooks, read (everything), and nap.

At least Shadow and Buddy can nap!

My daily focus comes from my morning planning sessions over tea or coffee (and sometimes both (though not together!)). It really does help to set the day and keep things on track.

How are these last fleeting days of summer treating you?

taming the chaos

Sometimes you need to make a bigger mess to make it better.

I moved my workspace over the summer and I believed that come winter I’d be really cold in this new spot. With it finally frigid, I verified that as true! On Tuesday I moved the filing cabinet and shifted everything to the the other side. The side benefit is it then allows me to spread out my notebooks easier without keeping everything on top of the keyboard. It’s a nice change. While it’s only a move of inches, my hands haven’t been as cold, and I’m looking at my notebooks more!

This afternoon I finally reorganized the chaos the results after TNNA. After dumping everything out in a big pile and bringing in all the current project bags I reorganized everything and put things away. The cats were very helpful — they napped!

There’s something very satisfying about this sort of clean up & tidy. Now I need to catch up on the bookkeeping.

behind the scenes


Sometimes the photographer is photographed. The cats have been quite the handful this week.. I’m hoping for naps and snuggles this weekend, I have nice reading planned. Maybe even more sunroom time since the temperatures have swung from wind chills in the single digits to at 6a this morning it’s already 33°F with a projected high of 50°F and it could be a rainy 61°F on Sunday! Read More about behind the scenes