some thoughts on writing

Some weeks it’s a struggle to write all the different things I do. After writing both prose and code for various clients, I often feel that I’ve run out of words.

black royal typewriter on brown-black wooden desk desk with notebooks, fountainpen, and two small desk ornaments (red airplane and silver cat)

Yes, it’s easy to post a photo of Shadow and/or Dot. The monthly posts that review my prior month’s reading are also straightforward. But then I get stuck. What should I write about the other weeks? During the spring and summer I can write about what’s growing, however I’m not that active a gardener.

I like writing here, and would like some guidance.

What would you like to see me write more about? More in-depth reviews about a specific book? Explore the tools I use every day? Share progress as I practice learning new things such as watercolor and machine knitting? Thoughts on feline fostering and forever homes? Should I repost some of my PennyWise Consulting, Pen at Work, and little acorn creations posts here? (They’re also linked at