I didn’t organize this how I’d like, please deal.

no knitting pics, but please go check out the new mag knits. I’m working on Jodie’s Saturday market bag. :) I just wish I had a better color of Sugar n Cream to use (cool breeze ombre — i don’t like the white)

I just updated to wordpress 2.0.3 please let me know if there’s funkiness. as always, if the style sheet doesn’t load, please press control + refresh. *sigh*

The wonderful E finally upgraded his site. His pictures (and code) are awesome. I love his just sql program. :) We also went and bought him a digital camera body [Canon Rebel XT] ctoday. We played with Nibi for a while and he took this photo of her.

Lots of other stuff I’m working on. We’ll see what this week brings. My goal is to start my plan this week. Don’t hold your breath! :)

wp 2.0.3 is out… and other news of joy

Details are here. The client’s site I’m developing is on it because that’s what I downloaded this morning. I’ll probably upgrade myself after Shavuos. I didn’t even realize.. [it’s been a long day. that site *hates* me.]

I have not read any rss feeds yet today. I did however make a stop to a certain blog this morning (since i went to bed early) and screamed with joy.. Mazel tov to Persephone, her husband Lance and to aleph and bet who have a really great mommy! Happy ! [I also read lulu’s hospital horror story. My heart goes out to her, I’m hope good things will come of it. {hug}]

Random: The AC in our building is broken for the next 2-3 weeks. I will be doing larger loads of laundry as I require at least 3 shirts a day while at home. If someone knows of BETTER antipersperant please let me know. I rotate monthly as is.

I wish everyone a chag sameach.

buttons, bikes with bridges and burns, fairway, and a bit of knitting

Warning, this is a pretty long meandering post.

I finally made a button. It’s bad, but I’m not good at gimp. It’s currently on the sidebar mixed in with the other links. PLEASE download it to your own server if you use it. I don’t want to make htaccess links to torture you if you steal it. . In other button news, I’d love a 1″ button maker but they are mad expensive. Lastly, another of E’s shirts fell apart and I’m finally (at age 26) starting my own button jar. It won’t be anything like my grandmother’s or mother’s, but I do miss dumping the whole thing on the floor and sorting through it for something fun. Dress shirt buttons aren’t very fun though.

Yesterday we went for a 44km bike ride. I neglected to sunscreen a few parts of my body (the helmet will shield my forehead, why bother?) and I’m quite sore today.. from the sunburn, not from the ride. E says I’m in better shape than him. Oy, I haven’t run (seriously) in 9 years (meep) and I’m still scaring people off? I am NOT in shape people!! I would keel over and probably DIE if I attempted any of the workouts I thought nothing of 10 years ago. Anyway, IF you by chance saw an idiot slowly walking her bike over EVERY bridge on the Belt yesterday morning, that was me. I am still scared of bridges over water (only. I stopped to admire traffic while crossing over those. They don’t scare me in the least. Which makes no sense, I figure if gds forbid I fell, I would have a higher rate of surviving if I fell into the water than uhm, concrete and traffic zooming by but I digress). At the draw bridge I almost completely lost it and if there wasn’t some poor guy stuck behind us I don’t know what would’ve happened. It was a narrow bike path anyway and there was lots of loose gravel (maybe one day I’ll explain why loose gravel + me on a bike is not good, that’s a twenty year old phobia). Anyway, I was doing ok until we made it to the minder’s station on our side before the middle (it’s not a big bridge, maybe 200 meters TOTAL). There was a concrete traffic barrier there (on the path) and at the same time another biker RIDING in the opposite direction. THUS the path was even narrower. And it was a bit windy. Oh and the traffic thankfully wasn’t blowing past at 65 like it was today, but on the left-most lane there was a disabled car and someone waving a flag for people to move away from that lane. *not* good. I made it past there by some miracle and what greeted me on the path? Metal plates, not really bolted.. AND WOOD! Once we got over I got as far as I could from the bridge and stood until I stopped shaking enough to get on the bike. The guy behind us I think realized I was NOT happy, he never said a word and he stopped a distance away to readjust his bike and then went on. E did say he wasn’t very happy with the conditions and didn’t really blame me for freaking a little. I made it over MANY other bridges as we rode to Howard Beach area (even one E didn’t realize passed over water) and we took a meandering ROAD route back. I told E that there was no way I was riding back. He’d have to figure something else out. So we had fun riding. He found a few fun things to take photos of, when they are developed maybe I’ll link them. Today we drove most of that same route and I still wasn’t very happy.

E has brought me a long way as far as me + bridges. He forced me to walk over London Bridge (I cut off circulation to his hand). He took me to Venice. There is a picture of me standing on some small bridge. I couldn’t WAIT to leave. I’ve walked over the Brooklyn Bridge many times. I even did it all by myself once. Just to prove I had broken my fear. We shall see. I’m tempted to force myself to walk over it tomorrow on my way home from work but I’m not sure. There will be a nice farmer’s market waiting for me on the other side so that is very tempting.

Last night we walked 6 miles in the city to see what we could of fleet week. It was nice. On the way home we went to the new Fairway in Redhook. *DROOL*!! The kosher selection beats what I’ve seen at the Manhattan locations. They had the awesome British cheddar I love (I am looking for a sharp cheddar. Does anyone make this? all i find is mild (the british) or medium. I’d prefer for it to be cholov yisrael but it is not an absolute). They had a TON of amazing everything. The kosher bakery looks better than anything on avenue J. The prices were great, except for the cherries we bought which were (gasp) $8 a pound (or close) [we bought $3.50 worth].

Ok, back to knitting. I made some progress on the jaywalkers and am trying to knit up a bag I can use from yarn I have in stash. Which is difficult because I really love the Monk’s Travel Satchel from Interweave’s Folk Bags book but have no yarn appropriate for the task. The PDF is available here. We’ll see. I have bag lust again so we’ll see what gets made. I would like a smaller bag for lighter day to day stuff (and a sock). Hopefully tomorrow I’ll have some photos to share. The jaywalker is brilliant in it’s simplicity yet stunning design. Thank you Kathy (Grumperina)!

Introducing …


She’s a difficult one to photograph! She likes to nibble… ME. (Her nickname will probably be nibi) Like most first homes, hers is way too small and when E returns we are going to do something about that (for her, we need a to wait a bit). In the meantime I’ll try to get her a larger wheel and fit it in her cage, her hind foot splays off and her fir starts to wrap along the center. We didn’t realize she’s a bit big. We just kinda read “ok for most hamsters” and went on our merry way. Who knows, maybe i’ll pick up a pair of dwarves and then all of this stuff will fit them perfectly.

In other news — E will be arriving home Friday afternoon. I’m still not happy about all of it, but it will be nice to have him home for shabbos. We might run away motzei but it depends how he feels, as he has to drive if we leave the state (no, I have not taken a road test yet).

Also, I finally cast on for the second sock. Already it’s easier (I am paying enough attention to rib properly) so we’ll see how it goes. I can’t wait to start working with prettier yarns. I think the remainder of this colorway might be used for some children’s mittens.

LASTLY no one knows yet if the phone company is coming today. Now I can go see if anyone in the building is around and ask. *sigh*

my husband totally bribed me

and i fell for it.

He’s leaving for a business trip Tuesday evening.

I am to stay home.

Despite having the ability to cash in some frequent flyer miles so the cost of the flight isn’t that bad, I’m still to stay home.

I’m (obviously) not happy with this — especially because the weather is now above freezing.

I’m now the proud mother of a teddy bear hamster. I have “mommied”* twice today. She was very very unhappy in the cardboard box the pet shop gave us to take her home in. (Once we bought a ball I put her in that and she seemed happier). E tried vacuuming a short bit ago and she freaked out. I’m still trying to calm her down but it’s taking a bit of doing. She’s now eating (which is good) but i have yet to see her drink.

oy, how cruel that sounds. i feel badly. i would not like for my mum to tell me when i was older that she had me b/c she was bribed…

HOWEVER, she needs a name. We have a few thoughts based on some books I’ve recently read, her colouring, and her recent antics, but suggestions are highly welcome. I’ll try to get some pics soon. (also new category for her coming soon, i’m debating what to name it as well)

* mommied = a term my mum came up with after i spent a weekend babysitting two different wonderful families.
Night one: 3 yo girl pukes up her lunch from 2 days prior and (thankfully) missed the carpet by “inches”. I put her to bed after a bath and some story and hugs and her 6 yo sister was very helpful and kind. They were really good girls and moved away the next year. I pretty much stopped babysitting once they moved.
Night two: (another) 3 yo girl has wonderful diarrhea all over her bed shortly after putting her there. her 7 yo sister was a pain and i shut her in her room and took away her American Girl doll (note: this was over 12 years ago) the very little younger brother was ok and asleep upstairs. I put the little girl in the shower as best I could and the sheets in the wash. I think I read her a few stories. She calmed down and went to sleep. I returned her sister her doll and was forgiven. I think this was the incident when their parents came home a bit tipsie at 3am and the designated driver drove me home and I left my keys there and then broke into my house for the next 6 months until they realized that set of keys on the counter were mine. For my birthday both sets of families gave me OODLES of keyrings so we knew which was mine.

I still don’t see what I did as being so amazing.

My hamster didn’t puke or have diarrhea. I was, however, very wet when she was done. After I first posted this she finally drank some water and is now fast asleep. I guess the stress of earlier today wore her out.