warning: thief

I missed yesterday’s post for the first time in a very long time in an attempt to fit three days of work into one. It was a wonderfully productive day. I’m sad my planning didn’t quite work out and I didn’t get everything done, but it’s ok. It is a new day and I’m thankful I am able to use it as I want and need. Moments ago, I pulled a loaf of very yummy gluten-free banana bread out of the oven and have also completed at least an hour’s worth of work. Yes, I am thankful.

My post today is to highlight a thief so that if you encounter him (sorry guys, but it’s a him) you are warned fair and square!

It started with a slipper, taken from my bedside during the night.

Then it was a sock stolen from the landing rail, left to dry.

Most recently it was a current project, of which there are not yet photos so as to be a surprise gift in case the recipient actually reads what is scribbled here.

It was stolen from one of my bags (available for purchase soon, I promise!) tied shut and placed on the empty dining table. It was late and night and I was downstairs in my office working and trying to finish a project. During the getaway, the thief discarded the circular needle and left both it and excess yarn for me to recover.


Then I caught him, our Shadow Ninja*, laying innocently on the bed while his stolen treasures where hidden safely under the mattress.

black kitten (age 7-9 months) wearing a read collar with tags.

How can I be mad at that cute little mug?

I told him while giving him his beloved ear scratches that what he did was really bad but that I was at great fault to leave such a yummy and tempting project out for him. He is currently fascinated by anything E or I touch — it all gets the sniff test with his favourites being stolen off and hidden under the bed.

The project in question is almost done, the yarn is thankfully sticky enough that nothing was lost or destroyed, there is only a new set of ends to weave in. I ripped back four rows just to make sure everything was okay. My wonderful husband hopes I learnt a life lesson. I did. This will ensure that I keep certain seal top plastic bag companies in business and I will be on the search for the next fun container with a lid for my projects.

I’m thankful for my healthy little furry bundle of purring thief and my husband and our family and friends this Thursday and always. All of you help make my life rich and happy. Thank you, for you I am truly grateful.

* we’re mostly calling him Shadow but I think his full name is Shadow Ninja.

note: original image attached to this post is lost to digital decay and this one is of the correct era and was changed on 20231130.

last night, i was adopted


Last night I was adopted by a five seven month old male at my local Humane Society. They named him, but we may rename him.