Dot’s hope

Dot hopes each June day
her people can join her for
rest in the sunroom.

tuxedo cat stretched out on green rug looking toward the camera

nap in sun

nap. a window in
sun. soft cushion. quiet peace.
life of a house cat.

tuxedo cat (named dot), sleeping on a wide windowsill. she is asleep on a cushion with dots. her right paw is extended and her left paw tucked under.

lights, camera, nap.

Dot wishes the lights in my studio were part of our home automation system.

tuxedo cat napping on a crochet blankjet, one front paw is draped over the cats eyes.

That way, I’d be able to shut them off from my couch, far from the switch near the door.

She slept with her paw covering her eyes for a while before shifting to a different position. It’s her favourite, curled up with her face smooshed into the blanket.

happy place, studio edition

A few weeks ago, I moved my monitors 6 inches. Even though it was a very subtle shift, the dynamics of my desk changed. Dot kept looking at some blankets that were folded in the corner then walking away.

Earlier this week I put the blankets in a box.

Dot, a tuxedo cat, asleep in a cardboard box that once held mason jars. The box is in the corner of my  desk. A mug with a broken handle holds some cat grass (and dirt) sits in front of the box. There are bits dot chewed or clawed out of the mug in next to it.
Dot in her happy place

Within about five minutes, as I suspected there was also a cat in the box. It’s her new favorite place. Boxes are the best!


Dot hopes your treats are yummy and make you happy.

Dot, a tuxedo cat, caught licking her lips while eating a tube-based cat treat. Her front paws are on her person's leg and his hands are preparing more tube-treat.