new day

Wishing you and yours the best of blankets, and laps, and lap blankets, and lots of love on this new Monday, this new month, this new year.

tuxedo cat with her paws crossed on a handknit blanket.

Also boxes (not pictured). And treats (not pictured). Love (how to picture?). Lots and lots of love. ~ love from Dot.

content cat

We filled the bird feeder the other day. Dot was so happy she forgot to eat dinner. She sat there until it was dark.

Tuxedo cat bird watching

She then settled into her “summer chair” and chirrupped at me when I asked if she was content.

Tuxedo cat sitting on a navy chair looking contemplative.

I then asked if she was thankful we filled the feeder for her.

She paused and thought about it for a bit.

Tuxedo cat sitting on navy chair with her head tilted

And then she gave a classic Dot response.


Tuxedo cat on her back on a navy chair with her mouth open

It is amazing feeling when I know something simple made her day.

nap want

nap want blanket lap
care not heat humidity
nap lap blanket love

Tuxedo cat curled up on a crocheted hexagon motif blanket that's covering their person's lap. Also visible is part of a laptop. The computer's background image is of the JWST's rendered image of  NGC 3324 in the Carina Nebula.
Dot asleep on my lap … shared with a laptop.

New box.

Dot has a new box.
Long cool mystery tunnel
Hide from D I Y?

Tuxedo cat peaking out of box