nap want

nap want blanket lap
care not heat humidity
nap lap blanket love

Tuxedo cat curled up on a crocheted hexagon motif blanket that's covering their person's lap. Also visible is part of a laptop. The computer's background image is of the JWST's rendered image of  NGC 3324 in the Carina Nebula.
Dot asleep on my lap … shared with a laptop.

New box.

Dot has a new box.
Long cool mystery tunnel
Hide from D I Y?

Tuxedo cat peaking out of box

Dot’s hope

Dot hopes each June day
her people can join her for
rest in the sunroom.

tuxedo cat stretched out on green rug looking toward the camera

nap in sun

nap. a window in
sun. soft cushion. quiet peace.
life of a house cat.

tuxedo cat (named dot), sleeping on a wide windowsill. she is asleep on a cushion with dots. her right paw is extended and her left paw tucked under.