having fun

365.166 ... 20090804TPosting will be erratic the next few weeks as we bounce between apartment (in Brooklyn) and house (in Westchester). I’ll try to pre-write and schedule some posts but I’m not sure I’ll have spare moments to do so. I’m eating into client time right now (yes, at 10:30pm) and when I’m not Working I find I’m Sleeping. (Please remind us to also take time for Eating. Today was better but we skipped a good dinner Monday and Tuesday.) House photos will be provided soon. We’re taking quite a few of them and even have a nice “vintage” photo but just don’t have enough energy for extras. (How to break a facebook addiction? Buy a house.)

Today we brought quite a bit of fibre into the house. We are now wired for fibre and I changed my tune as to allowing a TV as soon as I discovered BBCA in the channel lineup. YAY! Top Gear for all! Though now with a garden I could really use Ground Force. Oh well.

I weeded today for the first time in 15 years. It was awesome. But I don’t know what is or isn’t weed anymore. I’ll start a new post series soon for two games: “what plant is it?” and “weed? not weed?” because I really am unsure anymore. Today I weeded with the following rule: if it was obviously dead and took no effort to pick up, it went.

The other fibre I brought in today is a knit I purchased the yarn and pattern for as a gift for the house. The yarn is my go-to Wool-Ease and the pattern is an insanely addictive Girasole Blanket by Jared Flood. I’m only going to be able to knit small bits of it here and there as breaks from the house, but I’m really happy to be working on it. I’m still on the first ball of yarn and am in the middle of the third chart and have two 40″ circs going. I want it as big as I can make it, but not too insane that it’s impractical. We’ll see what happens. (I’m using 5mm needles because I like the fabric they make for me.)

Why yes that is a knitkit in the picture (yes I know it looks like something else. It makes me laugh. Mine is black). I picked it up at the studio yesterday where they also have Nantucket Bags. Here’s a blog post about both products. I want a Nantucket Bag very very badly. We have a nice deck with a beautiful view and I want to take my knitting out to enjoy.