buttons, bikes with bridges and burns, fairway, and a bit of knitting

Warning, this is a pretty long meandering post.

I finally made a button. It’s bad, but I’m not good at gimp. It’s currently on the sidebar mixed in with the other links. PLEASE download it to your own server if you use it. I don’t want to make htaccess links to torture you if you steal it. . In other button news, I’d love a 1″ button maker but they are mad expensive. Lastly, another of E’s shirts fell apart and I’m finally (at age 26) starting my own button jar. It won’t be anything like my grandmother’s or mother’s, but I do miss dumping the whole thing on the floor and sorting through it for something fun. Dress shirt buttons aren’t very fun though.

Yesterday we went for a 44km bike ride. I neglected to sunscreen a few parts of my body (the helmet will shield my forehead, why bother?) and I’m quite sore today.. from the sunburn, not from the ride. E says I’m in better shape than him. Oy, I haven’t run (seriously) in 9 years (meep) and I’m still scaring people off? I am NOT in shape people!! I would keel over and probably DIE if I attempted any of the workouts I thought nothing of 10 years ago. Anyway, IF you by chance saw an idiot slowly walking her bike over EVERY bridge on the Belt yesterday morning, that was me. I am still scared of bridges over water (only. I stopped to admire traffic while crossing over those. They don’t scare me in the least. Which makes no sense, I figure if gds forbid I fell, I would have a higher rate of surviving if I fell into the water than uhm, concrete and traffic zooming by but I digress). At the draw bridge I almost completely lost it and if there wasn’t some poor guy stuck behind us I don’t know what would’ve happened. It was a narrow bike path anyway and there was lots of loose gravel (maybe one day I’ll explain why loose gravel + me on a bike is not good, that’s a twenty year old phobia). Anyway, I was doing ok until we made it to the minder’s station on our side before the middle (it’s not a big bridge, maybe 200 meters TOTAL). There was a concrete traffic barrier there (on the path) and at the same time another biker RIDING in the opposite direction. THUS the path was even narrower. And it was a bit windy. Oh and the traffic thankfully wasn’t blowing past at 65 like it was today, but on the left-most lane there was a disabled car and someone waving a flag for people to move away from that lane. *not* good. I made it past there by some miracle and what greeted me on the path? Metal plates, not really bolted.. AND WOOD! Once we got over I got as far as I could from the bridge and stood until I stopped shaking enough to get on the bike. The guy behind us I think realized I was NOT happy, he never said a word and he stopped a distance away to readjust his bike and then went on. E did say he wasn’t very happy with the conditions and didn’t really blame me for freaking a little. I made it over MANY other bridges as we rode to Howard Beach area (even one E didn’t realize passed over water) and we took a meandering ROAD route back. I told E that there was no way I was riding back. He’d have to figure something else out. So we had fun riding. He found a few fun things to take photos of, when they are developed maybe I’ll link them. Today we drove most of that same route and I still wasn’t very happy.

E has brought me a long way as far as me + bridges. He forced me to walk over London Bridge (I cut off circulation to his hand). He took me to Venice. There is a picture of me standing on some small bridge. I couldn’t WAIT to leave. I’ve walked over the Brooklyn Bridge many times. I even did it all by myself once. Just to prove I had broken my fear. We shall see. I’m tempted to force myself to walk over it tomorrow on my way home from work but I’m not sure. There will be a nice farmer’s market waiting for me on the other side so that is very tempting.

Last night we walked 6 miles in the city to see what we could of fleet week. It was nice. On the way home we went to the new Fairway in Redhook. *DROOL*!! The kosher selection beats what I’ve seen at the Manhattan locations. They had the awesome British cheddar I love (I am looking for a sharp cheddar. Does anyone make this? all i find is mild (the british) or medium. I’d prefer for it to be cholov yisrael but it is not an absolute). They had a TON of amazing everything. The kosher bakery looks better than anything on avenue J. The prices were great, except for the cherries we bought which were (gasp) $8 a pound (or close) [we bought $3.50 worth].

Ok, back to knitting. I made some progress on the jaywalkers and am trying to knit up a bag I can use from yarn I have in stash. Which is difficult because I really love the Monk’s Travel Satchel from Interweave’s Folk Bags book but have no yarn appropriate for the task. The PDF is available here. We’ll see. I have bag lust again so we’ll see what gets made. I would like a smaller bag for lighter day to day stuff (and a sock). Hopefully tomorrow I’ll have some photos to share. The jaywalker is brilliant in it’s simplicity yet stunning design. Thank you Kathy (Grumperina)!

please help (knitting needle newbie query)

I’ve googled all I can think.

I have a major admission. I have no idea how the heck to use the knitting needle size gauge. Most of my crochet hooks have the size on them. Those that don’t i use very carefully because if i loose it in the middle of the project, i’m screwed.

I’m liking bamboo more and more because the size is imprinted DIRECTLY on the needle.

In order to knit of some crochet cotton, I broke and bought the Susan Bates sock set. Oh cool, 5 of each color, size US 000, 00, 0, and 1. Right. Well, the sizes are so darn close to each other and the gauge only measures to 0, i’m not quite sure. Do I keep putting the needles in and the moment it won’t fit in at all you go back one and that’s the size? I think that the red are US 1’s but now i’m not sure at all. I tried a different colour a few minutes ago and *it* seems to be the 1. *SIGH*

Please, someone help. I’d just like to have them labeled and never worry about it again.

And I have a pair of circ’s which are blueish. they fit in the 5’s but i recall buying something to knit up really cheap acrylics years ago, and i think they should be 6’s.

Is it me?

finished second sock

My foot was getting tired of waiting…

first sock

I have a different second sock syndrome from every one else (or so it seems at the moment).

I knit the first piece perfectly. It fits well. It looks nice. SSK’s are doing what they should be.

And then I knit sock #2.

first socks

Pattern based on: The Knitter’s Handy Book of Pattern: Basic Designs in Multiple Sizes & Gauges by Budd, Ann
Modifications: misread instructions on sock#1 and knit leg with same number of rows as cuff (18 each)
Needles: 3-8 US3’s (i ended with 6 which means I haven’t lost them all yet) and a size D crochet hook
Yarn: Bernat sox in color 40713 Hot Tamale purchased from PS Fabrics and Yarn
Knots: many, but it’s probably me.

There is a reason I’m hiding the toe. I feel guilty for not caring enough to rip this out but i have yarn in a much prettier colourway begging for me to knit it. I need to figure out what i’m going to do with the 2 remaining balls (and small ball) I have still of this hideous colour. I’m thinking gloves/mittens/lightweight things of that sort. (I do like serious mittens too, but lightweight have their purposes).

close up of first socks

Now to decide how I’m going to knit the next pair. I have some sock books on eventual hold at the library. We’ll see. Am I able to knit jaywalkers? Can I convert them to my small foot size? Only time will tell.

Uhm, let’s just say my mum’s day tote did NOT felt as expected. I do see what was done wrong but I just wasted $15 worth of wool. I’m trying to figure out if I can cut and sew and salvage, but then my mum would win the story of “well, isn’t felt not strong?” (those 40¢ sheets aren’t mum, knitted felt seems pretty darn strong to me).

misc admin things and a small bit on knitting

  1. i think i broke the del.icio.us feed … why? b/c the site is sluggish. it may have been partially my fault, but i have been having issues every day.
  2. I think it is time to find a new host provider. we like eapps because of price and tomcat. BUT.. it’s been down almost every morning for an hour for the past few weeks. I am *not* happy. that *IS* and always has been my super productive time. Instead now I read rss (and get distracted) and read and sometimes knit. Requirements are tomcat and just a good reliable provider. i don’t really want a reseller but i have no idea if eapps is reselling or not. It’s mostly e’s domain because he pays the bill. I personally don’t really need tomcat and am looking hard at bluehost but it’s cheaper and less of a headache for everyone to live together.
  3. I still want my own domain. We have two we share, and I have my biz, but I want something more personal. I don’t know why. I probably will never buy it, nor put anything up on it. Do i really need another URL? (Or more email addresses?)
  4. I have a few other posts to write and if this stays up and I get all my work done, they will be written. Maybe today.
  5. My cavity in my wisdom tooth is mean. It spat out the filling a few weeks ago. I went yesterday to get it filled. If it falls out again I need the tooth yanked based on where the cavity is makes it impossible to fill without cutting ahole in my cheek (no thank you). I am not very happy. I spent the evening spitting out the extra filling stuff. I think the filling is still there. It doesn’t hurt, so that must be good, right?
  6. My sock went the library (my local branch has wifi yay!) and then to the dentist. i forgot to take a picture at the dentist. it was happy there wasn’t any drilling, just filling. My sock wants to be finished and is ignoring a few little “mistakes” near the toe as I work towards proper decreases this time.

a sock and a new BA

Today I went to my alma mater so see my friend graduate. YAY S!! We love you!! I’m proud of you. You are amazing. :)

I think we should also be amazed that after five years I’m now willing to admit my alma mater. I just wonder if they are willing to admit I’m an alumna. Barnard College of Columbia University

I brought my sock and made lots of progress (I turned the heel and finished the gusset). It’s going to commencement tomorrow and i’m bringing its mate and a tapestry needle because I really do expect to finish. And I will put them on the minute I do even though I think they are very very ugly. :)

Lots of thoughts swirling around. Let’s see if I get them organized and out of my head anytime soon. :)