tomato and general garden update

We ended up with a handful of tomatoes … we had the most success with our Romas.


In addition to the small tomato success, I harvested about a dozen cucumbers all told. We ate them almost straight out of the garden so my canning jars are still waiting and wondering how I’ll use them.

The herbs did okay, I struggled with basil this year. My belief is that because it was constantly grey and damp, I’m lucky to have what I did.

Total failure was the raspberry plant. The container I put it into on the deck was too small. I’m hoping it isn’t completely dead and I can revive it next spring.

The other failure was a small sweet pepper plant. I over crowded the bed and planted it late and one of the tomatoes shaded it and it barely grew at all after transplanting.

I also forgot to plant lettuce for an autumn crop. Oops.

Our squirrels and other wildlife are quite agressive, we need to do the netting different next year. Once it was in place, the cucumbers and tomatoes grew without insult or much injury. Lesson learned.

This afternoon I hope to pick up some garlic at the Union Square Green Market and remember to plant it before the ground freezes. I have to figure out which bed it will go into. I have a plan (somewhere) of ideal rotation of my four raised beds.

We recently completed some exterior renovations and I will try tomatoes in a different spot next year and keep them completely in containers. It should be sunnier there. I also hope we’ll remember to plant sunflowers.

Overall? I call this year’s gardening adventure a success. I’m already planning for next spring.

again? already? quick review and a garden surprise.

It’s all for good reasons that I haven’t had extra time to draft or edit my posts recently but I am always sad when I miss a scheduled posting day. Thus I’m tossing quality to the wind and letting quantity take over. It’s late (for me) on Monday night and I’m sitting at my desk drafting this post still a bit surprised that it is Monday, again, already. And that Monday, again, already is almost over. So, to end my day with something crossed off the to-do list, I’m scribbling this when I should be in bed (sleep? what’s sleep?).

Somehow I expect come morning after it is automagically published, I’ll believe that I sleep blogged which is silly, since Shadow has shown improved typing skills.

This shabbat, I accomplished my goal of re-reading Mistwood and enjoying for the first time Nightspell, two fantasy young adult novels penned by Leah Cypess. There were a few parts of Nightspell I didn’t see coming and I enjoyed it all the more for that. Both books are well thought and written. I recommend and will review them up proper soon.

I’ve been checking the garden every day. Read More about again? already? quick review and a garden surprise.

oh deer

This deer and her buddy have been hanging out in our back yard the past couple of days at sunrise and sunset.

She taught the squirrels a fascinating trick too.

My tomatoes? Exist only in digital photograph format. Apparently I am running a free gourmet green market out of the back yard for the local semi-wild life.

We purchased netting last night and I hope the three blossoms that are left (over all five plants) produce fruit.

randoms that bring happiness

I finished my socks on schedule yesterday afternoon. They fit perfectly and there is plenty of yarn to make another pair. :D

I actually made it to the Union Square Green Market, therefore, Wednesday dinner was local summer squash, some late season scapes, and pasta.

I also brought home lots of peas.

There are still a good number of growing and ripening tomatoes in my little garden and blossoms on my … er … at least I thought I planted cucumbers. Maybe they’re squashes? I forget. I don’t care. I grew blossoms for something!

Health of my friends and family continues to mostly improve all around and good thoughts are still greatly appreciated, especially for those going into and out of hospitals for various reasons. May all have a complete and speedy recovery.

A broccoli treehouse, how cool is that?

I’m not sure this exactly brings happiness per se but stories on trains almost always make me smile: Amazing trains that were never built (found via boing boing)

gardening update

Five tomato plants and there is proof of potential fruit. I’m not getting my hopes up, remembering last year’s disappointment, but I’m trying to stay positive.

One pea plant that put forth several blossoms, however a brief tiny hailstorm last Thursday left me anxious until I checked on them. I have two tiny pods.


We also have the best lawn ornament ever. E spotted her at homegoods and she was immediately placed in the cart and given a happy new home in the front.

How does your garden grow?