everything and snuggles

I keep meaning to write and have found it difficult to restart doing so here. The internet, the world, and I have changed so much in the past twenty years since I first had a site like this. I’d built home pages during undergrad.

I’m unsure what to write here anymore. But I’m not yet ready to close it up and set it on a shelf. There’s a few ideas brewing and we’ll see if anything comes of them.

Right I’m typo this on my phone in my house in the suburbs of NYC with a cat on my lap after I set aside some knitting. When I pause to think it’s mind boggling.

Here’s a pic of Dot on my lap with the knitting swatch I was working on when I realised I should just write something. The yarn is Artyarns Rhapsody Light, a strand of their silk mohair (70% mohair 30% silk) lightly twisted with a strand of cashmere.

Tuxedo cat asleep on a blanket lap. Knitting in progress is being held up near her.

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