garden gift

While most of our garden has been consumed by the local fauna (the rabbit, chipmunk, and deer communities enjoy my free salad bar) we’ve had a few surprises this year. It’s always nice when the garden gives me a gift.

Cucumber on vine which is larger than hand shown for scale. It measured 10-12 inches (26-30 cm) in length.

I just wish they happened before I went to the store.

This cucumber has been the largest. To my surprise it was also very tasty. It went well with some pita and enhanced a store-bought tzatziki.

Due to limited space I’ve previously not been keen on anything that is a vine grower. This year I relented and we planted two in the container — with both a tomato and a pepper. That wasn’t the best move, the other plants have been crowded out.

The cucumbers are in love with the weather (at least something is).

cucumber plant at the top of a screened container that is door height approximately 7 feet (213.25 cm). It needs some water and is in full sun.

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