For the first time in years we remembered to put up the netting to protect our berries (redcurrants, blueberries, raspberries) from the greedy local wildlife before they fully ripened.

We feed the birds intentionally, the deer help themselves, and the chipmunks seem to have the run of the place. My little garter snake friend stopped by yesterday when it was sunny and warm. This snake is quite tiny and was content to sun themselves near me for a while. Don’t worry I inched back into the shade.

For those in midst of heat waves, please stay safe. I can’t get the opening chapter of Kim Stanley Robinson’s Ministry for the Future out of my mind. NOAA has shared a few infographics to help you be aware what to do when there’s extreme heat.

The netting definitely makes a significant difference in harvest. We’ve never had this many before!

They aren’t ripening evenly, but there’s enough each day to sprinkle in morning yogurt or cereal.

We don’t have many blueberries as we have only one small plant, but they are beginning to ripen.

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