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It’s still amazing to me how much Dot has grown and adapted to life as a solo cat over the past few months. She loves evening lap time with a hand-knit blanket (in progress) and E next to us.

Tuxedo cat asleep on a knit blanket draped on her person's legs. Her other person's feet are next to her. They are wearing handknit socks.
Dot asleep with one paw up in the air. Every so often she’d open her eyes and turn her head to make sure E was still there.

We miss Shadow, we always will. Grief is complex. I still think that this ball and box (and button) analogy is the best I’ve ever read to describe it. I like to imagine I carry one box with balls (of varying size) for each grief. Sometimes the balls careen off each other and tip off the button to bring memories of both to the front of my brain. This week I’ve been remembering fondly both good times Shadow … and my Great Aunt (1921-2004). I’ll be the first to say it’s an odd combination but these are comforting memories and I hope both knew how much I loved them.

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