confident lap cat

Each day, Dot gains confidence in her role as a lap cat. We have a regular afternoon appointment on my studio couch to practice. She curls up on my lap and I either work on a project or catch up on reading.

This week she’s perfected what I call the boneless flop.

Tuxedo cat sprawled on her person's lap, which is covered with a blanket.

Looking at her makes my neck hurt! But she was content, purring until she fell asleep.

If I’m not on time, she curls up on the couch anyway.

Tuxedo cat curled up on a light blue couch with her head resting on a crochet blanket.

Don’t worry, today I was only five minutes late while I finished up some client work. If she is there before I arrive, she barely lets me sit down before pawing my lap demanding I arrange the blanket to her satisfaction.

Thanks to nearly daily practice, we’re spending more time together in the evenings too. She joins us on the couch, she was mostly spending her evenings under it.

She’ll still sit on my lap only if I have a blanket on my lap and she doesn’t seem to care if I’m actively knitting on it. Shown below is my garden as safe space blanket. If I’m working on something small, she’ll lay in the middle and stretch to touch both of us.

Tuxedo cat on her person's lap. There is a knit blanket with some knitting needles on the lap under the cat.

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