garden visitors

It seems the changes to our climate mean I have more visitors to my garden in mid-November than I’m used to.

The birds were very happy that we refilled the bird feeder.

Birds at an outdoor birdfeeder
They swarmed and ate it all in less than a day.

I think they’re migrating on schedule, but I’m not sure. We’ve had several large swarms fly through the past few weeks. The backyard security camera caught this group foraging.

The local rabbit population was very prolific this year. I’m not quite sure where the closest den is (I have a few suspicions), but we often have bunnies in the yard.

bunny on a autumn leaf strewn yard
This one didn’t mind my stepping closer to take a picture.

It’s been incredibly warm this week. Today’s high was in the mid-60s (Fahrenheit, for everyone else that’s 18.9ÂșC)!

I didn’t see this little garter snake while raking today, but I disturbed them on Sunday morning.

garter snake on a lawn
Thankfully they didn’t seem too upset I raked them into a sunny spot in the yard.

There’s many squirrels and chipmunks too, but they don’t pose for photos.