favourite spots (for Dot & Shadow)

The cats’ favourite spot is the windowsill in my studio. However, it’s not something they both sit in at the same time., though they do share it. They love to spend time in the basement, however Shadow claimed the other best spots for himself.

So where do we find Dot? Don’t worry, she’s resourceful.

Her ambition is admirable — she tried to make her own space. Unfortunately, I don’t agree with her method. She knocked down nearly everything in my studio as she worked. I attempted different alternative solutions for her — she rejected every single one.

Last week I realized I had the solution she’d been looking for.

A while ago, we gave her a new box in the living room and the old one went in the garage, but I couldn’t bear to take it out with the recycling. It sat on my workbench. I had no good idea where to put it — there’s no space in my studio.

They like to run into the garage. While Shadow checked out the spider webs, Dot would stare longingly at Box.

So I did the logical thing, I brought Box back inside. It didn’t need to go into my studio, it could sit under the stairs! Within 5 minutes she was snuggled in and purring. It’s been a week and her behavior has improved and I often find her curled up in Box.

Tuxedo Cat snuggled into a chewy.com box that has been well chewed. There is a water bowl and a cat toy nearby.
Dot’s adores Box.

As for Box 2.0 — she’s finally settling into it as well. Yesterday she took her first tentative bites of the flap.

Shadow, by contrast, tends to burrow. Before his surgery, after I washed the kitten room blankets, I quickly folded and piled them up in the corner near the utility sink. Other tasks then distracted me and they sat there for half a day. You can see where this is going, right? He claimed it as his own. After his surgery I couldn’t bear to take away a spot that gives him comfort! Now we often try to guess — without poking the pile — if Shadow’s inside. Sometimes he’ll stick his head out and say hi as he did this afternoon.

Black cat snuggled into a blanket. His face and one paw (with toe bean) is visible.
A very cozy Shadow

They love these spots!