August is for napping

Shadow and Dot love napping on the windowsill no matter the weather …

Tuxedo cat, Dot on windowsill her front paws are hanging off the edge and her head is up looking at the photographer
Dot doesn’t mind if it’s a cloudy day, the windowsill is great.
Black Cat Shadow, stretched out on the windowsill with his head down and laying on his front paws. His back leg and tail are hanging off. his fur is still growing back after his surgery
Shadow loves the windowsill and stretches to get every bit of sun.

Honestly they love napping everywhere in this house. Dot has a strong preference for boxes.

Tuxedo cat, Dot in a cat food can tray.
Dot will find a box and claim it for her own.

Since his surgery and experience with Cone, I think Shadow just wants to stretch out.

Black cat, Shadow stretched out in the sunroom
Shadow loves to stretch out on the sunroom couch.

Lucky cats!