almost a taste of summer

Very soon we will taste summer from our garden. It’s a garden that’s kept itself for the most part. That wasn’t my intent, but it’s given us more time to spend with Shadow.

There are two tomato plants we’re tending this year. What I thought was a yellow pear is ripening first.

a ripening pear tomato on the vine with several more green fruit in the background

There may be peppers, in theory this plant produces a purple bell. Right after I planted, we had issues with hungry local wildlife (the chipmunks, squirrels, and bunny populations have exploded this year) so it’s wrapped in some bird netting I found in the shed.

a small green baby pepper on the plant

As we begin to look past summer, there’s a butternut squash taking over the raised beds. It’s not set anything yet, but there’s potential.

The potatoes are hopefully doing what they should. After pesach, I was asked to plant the leftover horseradish; it’s definitely produced impressive leaves. I have no idea what I’ll dig up at harvest time.

What do you look most forward to in your garden?