Socks! (& Shadow … Dot too)

All the driving to and from Conneticut for Shadow’s appointments and waiting allowed me to finally finish E’s birthday socks. Don’t worry, I wasn’t the one behind the wheel!

pair of handknit socks, in blues with grey toes. shown laid flat on metal sock blockers

I knit these in Old Rusted Chair Tough Sock. They are in the Diminutive colorway, a gorgeous mix of variegated blues, teals, and plums with speckles. The toe is in Overcast, a semi solid medium grey. I absolutely loved knitting this yarn and I hope to knit more Tough Sock in the future. If I ever decide on a colorway.

This pair helps me reach a special milestone, E now has 7 pairs of socks! This has been my goal for years and I’m thrilled to finally reach it.

stack tower of 7 pairs of handknit socks in a variety of mostly bright colors

Shadow Update

Shadow is recovering very well. His stitches came out yesterday and he needs to wear Cone until Saturday to make sure the incision heals completely.

Black cat with a cone looking through an open cat door

He’s become very adept and navigating his life with Cone.

Black cat wearing cone on a dining table, with meal in progress. There is gazpacho & baguette

We’ve spoken more with his oncologist and have a better idea of the prognosis. I hope how we choose to approach chemotherapy can help both him and all cats.

Dot has been amazing since his diagnosis in May.

Tuxedo cat asleep on a grey couch.

She’s incredibly patient with him and us. Her routine has changed and she’s rolled with it. Ok, all the extra treats haven’t hurt.