Sometimes self-care looks like this:

Mirror selfie of woman wearing hospital top & mask in front of poster reading \"early detection is key\". Woman is holding a handknit sock in progress.

I postponed my mammogram until I was fully vaccinated, then procrastinated making the appointment until earlier this week.

I am very thankful to update that I got an all-clear report. While my family history indicates that I am at low risk for this particular type of cancer, my tissue is very dense and that changes the equation. It’s why in addition to the mammogram, I have an ultrasound too.

Is it fun? No. The extreme squish isn’t pleasant at all, but I’m very willing to experience a short bit of discomfort for a test that could save my life.

What I knit

I brought along a pair of socks I’m knitting for E. One small benefit of the changes brought by Covid-19; everything is streamlined so I didn’t have much waiting time. I only knit 11 rounds!

This pair is his birthday socks. I convince him to choose yarn for his birthday earlier in the year, then I try to finish knitting by Chanukah. He chose a gorgeous colorway from Old Rusted Chair, called Diminutive. This is the second sock; I finished the first one last month.

Cake of sock yarn and a sock in progress, cuff-down, magic loop.

Learn more about breast cancer screening

Early detection saves lives!

Note: Last month I completed the NYS Public Health Leadership Training course offered through the Department of Health and Cornell University. That does not suddenly make me an expert, but I hope will help me aid others as I learn what being a public health leader means.