Thoughts (by Shadow)

Hi. I’ve been spending more time than I’d like in the carrier going to appointments in Connecticut. Some days it’s a short car ride, others it takes what feels like forever.

Black cat on a sunny windowsill.


A few weeks ago, my wonderful person was petting me and noticed a lump where there shouldn’t be anything but soft, fluffy, (and if I may say so) amazing black cat.

An appointment was made, and I saw our vet. She used a needle to poke me there and said that a lab would test those cells.

A couple of days later, my people got a phone call and then immediately gave me extra kisses and pets.

So, I began to spend time in the carrier as I met with various doctors at Cornell Veterinary Specialists. I have had lots of tests over the past few weeks including an ultrasound, CT scan, and an EKG.

What have we learned?

I have sarcoma. It’s in a decent spot so if we move forward with surgery, I should keep all four paws. But I won’t want to do sit ups for a while.

However, they noticed my heart is a little big. Of course it is! I love my people lots! So, before we do anything I need to start taking some medicine so it can rest and work more efficiently.

As the radiologist reviewed all the images of my CT scan there’s potential it may have spread so I’ll need to get that checked out too.

Overall, my people are positive, and I am too.

How can you help?

  • Get vaccinated!
  • Take time for yourself. Go for a walk. Read a book.
  • Check in with those you care about. Call, write, or if safe visit in person.
Black cat on a cushioned windowsill.