In 2019 I moved the peonies to a sunnier spot in our space. Last year, they grew, but the tiny buds never developed further or bloomed. I’m pleased this year to share a peony blossom.

white peony blossom with the center featuring a thin line of magenta. there a dew drops on some of the petals.

We planted a few different varieties earlier this spring from bare root stock. I’m hopeful that in a few years I’ll have more colorful blossoms to enjoy and share. The plants don’t look very interesting right now, but they are growing so I’m hopeful for the future.

I hope in the coming days to enjoy a few more blooms. This bud looks ready!

White peony bud beginning to blossom. There are dew and rain drops visible on the leaves and petals. Another bud is out of focus in the background.