thoughts from a box (by Shadow)

Hi. Are you vaccinated yet?

Black cat sitting in a small cardbox box with his head resting on the edge looking straight at the camera.

If not**, why? Yes, it can lead to a day of soreness and feeling under the weather, for example. But the benefits are huge! It protects you and your community too. Don’t you want to help others?

If yes, congrats! My person is too.

She asked me to remind you to please be mindful of others during this time of transition.

Please be kind if you see someone still wearing a mask! Some people can’t be vaccinated for serious medical reasons; that’s different from saying no (and being selfish). Others have no anti-bodies after vaccination; they may have an organ transplant or cancer treatment. Or they are caregivers for an immunocompromised individual and are cautious while we wait for more data and guidance from scientists and doctors.

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Vaccination Availability

** Yes, I assume you are living in an area where the vaccine is available to you. This is not true for a large portion of the planet. Vaccine inequality needs to be addressed as much as vaccine hesitancy. If we don’t make changes the world will split even further while some areas battle massive outbreaks and others ease restrictions.