April 2021 Reading

My reading in April was predictable. If I was awake and not working, I pretty much had my nose in a book. I read Nalini Singh’s Psy-Changlings series quickly. This was aided by a library license to omnibus editions of several books so I could pretty much read continuously. I’d borrow 1-5 and place a hold for 6-10; the second volume became available as I finished the first, and I repeated this with the third. This also let me conserve the number of books I checked out at one time.

The first book, Slave to Sensation took me a while to get into. This series came highly recommended by a good friend — we enjoy many of the same series. I sent her a message, I’m not sure I’m going to like this. The reply was to keep reading. I did was rewarded with a rich story and world that I can’t stop thinking about. I’m now mid-way through the Psy-Changeling Trinity series and have lots of thoughts on the world and characters. I’m going to try to write something up when I finish the fourth book. These sorts of reviews are challenging for me to write, but I am going to try!

Over at little acorn creations I wrote about four knitting books I borrowed from the library. I didn’t intend to do such a deep dive into the concept of modular knitting, but it happened, and I’ve learned a lot. You can find the reviews at my post, Blanket Thoughts.

Review Reads

I’d set a personal rule that I couldn’t request more netgalley titles until my review ratio was a bit higher. It’s still below fifty percent. That flew out the window the moment Kevin Hearne’s next book was offered. I loved Ink and Sigil when I first read it last year (see also this mini review). I can now say that Paper and Blood is even better. I’m working on a proper review, we’ll start with this preview: I stayed up late to finish. I can’t think of an accolade higher than that. Ok, I stay up to finish just one more chapter of what I’m reading almost every night. In this case I stayed up with the intent to finish the book (I had 3 chapters left). It was worth it the next day grogginess. This second book features many returning characters and has a few surprises up its sleeve (or do books have two because of the front/back covers? Hmm.) If you haven’t yet read the Iron Druid Chronicles, you really should. It begins with Hounded, published ten years ago!

What I’m reading next

I have a large stack of paper books on my nightstand I really should read but I’ve said that for a year. I have a very long list of netgalley titles to review. But I’ve said that for a year as well. All of those may get ignored because in a few weeks, my local library branch is due to open for in person browsing. I’m excited. I can do a good deal with catalog searches, there is even a “shelf browser” feature. But nothing can compete with doing so in person.

Why? I received my second vaccine dose last Sunday and will be considered fully immunized by that time. Please, help protect your community and get vaccinated (both doses if applicable), continue to be thoughtful about wearing a mask properly (cover your nose), maintaining social distance, staying home if you’re unwell, and washing your hands.