blossoms of a late April garden

This afternoon after it stopped raining, I took a few photos of the garden.

I wonder if we’ll actually get any blueberries or currants this year. The potential is there, but last year the wildlife was faster.

Two years ago I moved the peonies to a sunnier spot and am not sure if I’ll actually get flowers this year or not. I hope so!

peony plants with small flower buds

We moved a bunch of bulbs last autumn without fully knowing what they all were. It’s fun to see what’s blooming such as these late blooming white daffodils.

white daffodil plants

I like to put bright annuals on the front step. These purple pansies make me smile.

Speaking of bright, we have some very bright phlox! My color balance is off, but only slightly. These blossoms are eye popping.