Modes of Shadow

Shadow has three modes: Supervise, Snuggle, and Stealth (aka Shadow).

Supervise Mode

Shadow likes that this perch allows him to also keep an eye on the bird feeders outside as well as whatever we’re doing in the living room.

Black cat on the top platform of a small cat tree. The cat looking at the camera.c

He also loves to nap inside, he knows that’s a very secure hiding spot … until his tail curls out.

Snuggle Mode

This mode is a challenge to photograph by myself. I was working on my scrap blanket a few weeks ago and he helped.

Black cat snuggled into his person's arms. They are attempting to crochet a hexagon granny square. Person is wearing a brown marled sweater.

Stealth Mode

As a black cat he can hide and nap in peace easily. A while back I couldn’t find him, he wasn’t in the tree, his cubby in the expedit, or in bed … then I noticed my tote bag was on its side.

Black cat curled up in a brown canvas tote laying on its side. There is an undyed cotton fabric bag inside (holding a knitting project), His paws are curled around some green knitted fabric.