more book thoughts: urban fantasy series

What a roller coaster January has been (Wednesdays & Thursdays). Today it’s time to get back to the hard and necessary work. With that in mind, it is as important to continue the change we started over the past four years and remember to take time for ourselves and rest. For me, that means reading. I love to escape in urban fantasy, it’s nice to imagine a world that’s similar … yet different than our own.

Here are 5 worlds that I experienced for the first-time last year. They are series with more than one book currently published, some are complete. Each resembles the world that we know… with a few small magical differences.

by Ilona Andrews

I enjoy most everything this husband-wife writing team publishes! If you haven’t read any of the Kate Daniels books yet, I highly recommend them.

Innkeeper Chronicles (4 books). It’s a fun series with strong characters, both Dina and her sister Maud. I wasn’t sure what to expect, and it’s a good reminder for me to not to judge a book by its cover. This series is set the least on our world, but as Gertrude Hunt is physically in Texas (mostly) I decided to include it here. (September 2020)

The Edge (4 books). There is a small bit of character crossover and it’s set more on this planet (mostly). I really enjoyed getting to know each main character: Rose, Cerise, Audrey, and Charlotte and the way their stories interact across the series. (September 2020)

by Anne Bishop

The Others (5 books) + The World of the Others (2 books). I can’t recall how I discovered this series, but I couldn’t read them fast enough. After meeting Meg in Written in Red I needed to better understand her world and how characters and events all connected. (October 2020)

By Patricia Briggs

Mercy Thompson (12 books). A main character with an unconventional occupation struggling to better understand her friends, family, and her unique abilities? Yes! (November 2020)

Alpha & Omega (5 books). Set in the same world, I love how these books build on characters and places and explores the world differently. (November 2020)

by Kim Harrison

The Hollows (15 books). I wasn’t sure about this series based on the first chapter of Dead Witch Walking, but I kept reading and got hooked. Who drew me in? Was it a single character, Rachel, Jenks, or Ivy? Or was the comrade of these three friends and watching their relationship grow and change throughout the series? (November & December 2020)

Next week I plan to write about some of the single books and first book of a new series I enjoyed last year.

What are you reading? My best friend just got me hooked on Sabrina Flynn’s historical mystery series, The Ravenwood Mysteries. My library system has the first six books as digital download audiobooks. I’m halfway through the second book and loving it!