a few thoughts on books

I know the words I choose to read and write matter. I’m not surprised about yesterday, but I am disgusted, pissed, and tired. And I know there is no way I am as exhausted as many others no matter how I felt this morning. In times of trauma and stress, I generally turn to reading. Last year, my goal was to find better understanding of the current world.

Below are a few of the titles that I read last year (there were over 200 due to the pandemic keeping me at home). I feel these books helped me to better understand, even if they could not adequately prepare me for (or help to prevent) yesterday. They are listed alphabetically by the author’s last name followed by, in parenthesis, when I read it.

Yes, you’ll see one title I finished this year, if I’d stayed up later last Thursday night, I may have completed it in December.

If you are looking for additional resources, the website/app Your Black Friends Are Busy has a range of books, videos, audio files, and more.

Last year, I also read fiction by diverse writers with a range of plots, settings, and characters. Below are a few of the books that I enjoyed and provided moments of mental escape. For the most part, I’ve not included the series with multiple volumes or anthologies nor those about an apocalypse or zombies. They will get their own post in time. Each made me think. Again, the list is alphabetical by the author’s last name with date I read it listed after in parenthesis.

Yesterday was not normal and we cannot accept it as such. If that weren’t enough there is still an ongoing global pandemic and the virus is still spreading rapidly. Please, stay home as much as you can. Wear a mask and social distance when outside your home. As soon as you are able, get the vaccine. Stay safe!